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Impressive In A Stay

It is heaven they say

seeing things beautiful in a way

could it be a play

could it be also a rejoice in a gay

pretty and dainty all the day

impressive in the stay

desirous to keep them in a fray

the exaltation turns into a prayer

the anthem converts into a song

deep down the heart it flows

lively in a subdued  force

a gentle lullaby it sounds

a gradual strength within theHeaven bounds.


A Schedule Written

Good we do
lives after us
the bad we do
also lives after us
a strange proposition
yet has a lot of relevance.

Good, go to heaven
a popular saying
bad are confined to hell
another famous belief
do they actually go?
a point to ponder.

These be the faith
that grows out straight
a method to hold
good should remain good
bad would turn good
a schedule written in gold.heaven up


The Lovely Seven

Into the heaven
there went the lovely seven
very sacredly driven.Heaven


The Heaven

It is going to be heaven
said all the seven
calling it in a note even.
Well, that being  clearly seen
they were all in the teens
enjoying thoroughly in keen .
The mirth crossed all stream
with the lot eating the cream
while talking about their dream.
The evening went on happily
with the friends  talking gleefully
about their experience  in a tone lively .
They had to disperse soon
as there could be seen the moon
promising to meet each other at noon.
The seven had a memorable time
as they are download (34)meeting after a long time
talking with no thought of time.
The meeting of friends  has become the trend
which is made possible with a send
while mails go through without a bend
taking all to the blissful heaven


In Heaven.

The heaven is beautiful they say
with flowers and greenery all over
While the good people find place there
revelling in splendour and comfort
all the more for the things they had done
and for the person the way they lived
kind and good, generous and magnanimous
touching nothing that is not theirs
attacking none and for that reason
quarreling with none nor taking
cudgels at any one unfriendlyHeavenPA048
nurturing not vengeance
brooding not evil
thinking always good
and living by principles
which had brought them to heaven
after their death
So, in the heaven they enjoy
peace and goodwill
all being a reward for they being
honest and sincere, nice and gentle.


Towards Heaven.

The Heaven they say
is a place of happiness
where everything has a fullness
with gardens, fountains and trees
all showing a mirthful glee
where the good souls enter
and have a nice time, better
relaxing and sleeping comfortably
eating sumptuous meals happily
and enjoying the days blissfully.

Knowing all these from hearsay
as the scriptures also say
that the good get into heaven
man goes on making mistakes in even
committing crimes in a succession
doing evil and speaking lies all treasons
expressing greed in actions thoroughly
cheating and murdering all-knowing fully
would not take to Heaven but to hell
where they are thrown into a melting pot in a yell.


Actions subscriptions thoughts turmoil

Looking For A Shore – Gold

Ships in a turbulent sea get tossed,

 As the storm blows fiercely,

Making the vessel  tumble  in a fold,

Panic and commotion rake it violently,

Cries and screams add to the uneasy cold.



Soon as a wink it drifts to the shore,

Tides and waves push it to a place,

The sandy stretch is seen in the fore,

It appears like a lovely  ornated lace,

A sign of relief replaces the apprehensive roar,

As the ship embarks on a safe shore.




Shore is a safe haven,

To a distressed sailor,

Gold is a security proven,

To a fleeced  investor,

Security is a  blissful heaven,

Foolish risk  is  a chronic detractor.