The Little Girl Learns Dance.

My little girl  lives far away from me

she is  so sweet and graceful in  her moves

learns dance with such a tremendous  glee Meenakshi Arun

primarily her  steps being a  standing  proof

“thai, thakka, thai thakka”

she says with a rhythm

her foot goes along with the” jathi”

sings she the divine hymns melodiously

expresses the theme with a “sruthi”

her eyes express the “bhavas” so beautifully

I stood enticed by her graceful movements

watching her from a  reliable distance

cautious of not being found by her at any moment

as I heard from my son not with a defiance

she being a six year old  so tender and sweet

wishes not  to dance before me for reasons best known

keeping her in my lap  I coaxed her with a greet

carefully  asked her why she did not want to dance?

said she politely all the more  and all very pleasant

granny, you mastered dance long  long ago

I wish to  perfect myself and would dance decent

saying so she quit the place  not as any other time

just a march  or a straight walk as usual

glided nimbly with “thaia thakka”  “thakkitta ”

proposing a captivating dance all so casual





Poetry sanskrit.

The Rhythm And The Chant

The rhythm and chant

the hymns sang in a way

took me to a trance

not I understood a single word

yet they held me enraptured

it is a language less known to the world

the rhythm  goes into the heart unaware

the feel, the throb and the  vibration

makes one sit with thoughts nowhere

it is an unrecognisable penetration

holds you in a sway with a share

be that of a merge with the divine

the language Sanskrit being one of the Gods


Poetry silence sonnet

It is Silence

silent environmentThe greenery around

lush and pleasant

flower beds in a crescent

a brook with clear waters  found

lies  there a suburb  with an abound

a population very decent

clean and clear is the environment

all  convenience great and sound

all be so with a rhythm and rhyme

yet there lacks a charisma

could not be explained in the ordinary

the silence occupies the prime

appears like an unobtrusive enigma

where life assumes a slot not primary.


Mother’s Song

Singing to her baby
a lullaby they say
she sings not from prescribed verse
makes her own song spontaneously
loads them with her feelings
adds her love to the baby
tells how she brought him into the world
speaks of her pains and aches
how she finally gave birth to the little one
a lovely expression set to no musical tune
accompanied by no beat or rhythm
touches the heart of the listener
putting the babe to a sound sleep
the song, no lullaby, tells a lot
a different song with a distinctive tunemother's song


The Heaven

It is going to be heaven
said all the seven
calling it in a note even.
Well, that being  clearly seen
they were all in the teens
enjoying thoroughly in keen .
The mirth crossed all stream
with the lot eating the cream
while talking about their dream.
The evening went on happily
with the friends  talking gleefully
about their experience  in a tone lively .
They had to disperse soon
as there could be seen the moon
promising to meet each other at noon.
The seven had a memorable time
as they are download (34)meeting after a long time
talking with no thought of time.
The meeting of friends  has become the trend
which is made possible with a send
while mails go through without a bend
taking all to the blissful heaven

Actions Poem


rhythmWhen the heart misses the rhythm
death unfolds.
When the engine misses the rhythm
death catches up.
When poetry misses the rhythm
it dies.

Actions concept Creation feelings Interpretation Poem thoughts Wisdom

Live Wire

songriversThe rivers flow with a melody
consisting of soft tunes.
The ocean roars noisy
contributing to the sonorous notes.
The ponds whimper slowly
conducting a mild flutter in modest sequence.
The brooks murmur minutely
condescending to a light twitter in moderate rhymes
The water bodies present an orchestra
intensely organising rhythmic notations.
The muse in nature presents a concert
releasing a rapturous ensemble in lively quotations.

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Is it a Bash?

A noise  with a thunderous sound,

A sound of a barking hound,

A hound with an attacking bound,

A bound with a charging  round.

A round with a tricky ground,

A ground with a marshy mound,

A mound with a  steep pound,

A pound with a stony  surround,

A surround with a solitude around,

Propounded a bash  in the background.