The Little Girl Learns Dance.

The tradition continues.

My little girl  lives far away from me

she is  so sweet and graceful in  her moves

learns dance with such a tremendous  glee Meenakshi Arun

primarily her  steps being a  standing  proof

“thai, thakka, thai thakka”

she says with a rhythm

her foot goes along with the” jathi”

sings she the divine hymns melodiously

expresses the theme with a “sruthi”

her eyes express the “bhavas” so beautifully

I stood enticed by her graceful movements

watching her from a  reliable distance

cautious of not being found by her at any moment

as I heard from my son not with a defiance

she being a six year old  so tender and sweet

wishes not  to dance before me for reasons best known

keeping her in my lap  I coaxed her with a greet

carefully  asked her why she did not want to dance?

said she politely all the more  and all very pleasant

granny, you mastered dance long  long ago

I wish to  perfect myself and would dance decent

saying so she quit the place  not as any other time

just a march  or a straight walk as usual

glided nimbly with “thaia thakka”  “thakkitta ”

proposing a captivating dance all so casual





By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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