A Fallen Tooth.

My little  girl calls me regularly

the day before  her  front tooth had falle

she would report each and every episode  daily

I should have listened to her passively

instead  questioned her  as how she looks  now

should  have stopped at that juncture

nay I did not refrain all the way

asked her  with a  mischievous twinkle

how she looks  with a big gap in front

“do you  look better or worse?”

her  sharp reply startled me  wholly

said she it is not better or worse as such

looks different as much .

seven-year-old-girl-happy-growing-up-and-fact-about-to-loose-last-EG45JG (1).jpg



music thoughts

The Nectar Drops

The nectar drops

not from the bee traps

not from the bee hives

from the music I hear

intoxicates me more

I lose myself  all the more

a trance I am in

unable to come to reality

a fascination I experience

now, just now, almost now.nectar drops.jpg


Not A Version

Not a version

could be a reason

one with a fusion

at times of season

live I for no fun

go  with interests in tons

every thing scores not  high

so I go  not for the buy

I keep away with a shy

that be the version in all

lest it would predict a fall.