A Metaphor.

rose and lifeThe rose is beautiful

petals are soft  and wonderful

silky and shining  being an attraction

so  goes the general  description.


The rose is tender

protect it from any offender

held harsh crumbles and falls

could this be another call?


Life is beautiful

look at it with eyes wonderful

flaws turn into a glossy gleam

nothing  strikes the beam.


Life is tender

tempers and anger being the offenders

bridle the anger as much as you could

never try to speak rude .


Roses dance in the air

rose, red and blue in all

life blossoms in different hues

rose and red green and blue.


Not I sing a song of praise

nor I sit and watch it rise

rose and life seen together

professes a metaphorical refer.





An Urge

It is an urge

not in the verge

from the depth

grows in strength

ever  beautiful

looks wonderful

a love  to keep it fresh

green and lush

makes me over protective

I  am not a detective

do not mistake me as one

I like to nurture my passion

without any breaks and falls

well, that is my call.





A Deal of Feel.

It is being a deal

out of a feel

not anything financial

depends on the ecological

the unmindful  usage

has led to a rummage

the excess emission

has resulted in a diffusion

the garbage and the filth around

has forced a deadly surround

the way we have abused nature

felling trees has become a feature

thee reclamation of land

has become a brand

now we cry with despair

these are the fruits of our repair

we have thoughtlessly over done

that be the glossary of all the undone

the tears of pain drop  down

be the one of a  disaster  with a frown.climate--m_3512985b