Anything More Dense.

Nowadays I am the way

I turn not  on detractors

I hear not abuse

I feel not the contempt

stand resolved and stern

bother not of  others

know that for every  move

would be an arrest

for every word uttered

would be an opposite

not to be for the silence

would anything be more dense?






Ode On Words

Eat up not your words

eat up your meals

go by your words

at the cost of any deal.


Words are meant to be kept

never in a way to be broken

the words that are kept

bring repute  as a token.


Honour your words at any cost

words are precious any way

easy to throw them out fast

hard to preserve them in a way.


Words are a religion as far as I know

a sanctity all the more

they are valuable  and shine with a glow

being a property  with a vow.