Poetry thoughts

The One So Excellent.

Unfathomable as the ocean

deep and intense  in thoughts

she brooks no erosion

she being taught

the value of life  in all

she being disciplined as well

not to speak  ill nor lies  tall

the words she lets out in few

carry a significance great in due

a lady with an ingenuity in focus

dignified she walks in status

the one whom I admire from a distance

being one who commands high reverence

could she be noted as one of distinct reference.







Poetry thoughts

My Advice to You.

Those around you

look at you

one with a bond

another with a taunt

one with a smile

another with a vile

the  looks are not the same

they could blame

else they would stare

with a flare

be they around you

each one have their rue

rely not on them  in all

accept not their every call

be yourself as always

never give out even in a trace

the inner self and mind

they would pull you in a bind

this be my advice to you

go ahead without a clue.



Poetry thoughts

As He Looks High.

Gone are the days

says he with a sigh

know not what he means

as he looks high.


Those days were golden

says he with a sigh

wonder what he means

as he looks high.


The good old days

says he with a sigh

stay close to him to find

as he looks high.


They are bygone

says he with tears

hold his hand to  comfort

as he looks high .


She is no more

cries he inconsolably

stroke his head with love

as he looks high.


I wish to join her

sobs he uncontrollably

I break down and weep

as he looks high.



The Fall Definite.

Gradual it was

slow it seemed

a fall to be definite.


Unaware of the slide

a spend as usual

led to a fall definite.


Could it be wanton?

shutting  the eyes  to the real

brought  a fall definite.


Could it be an indifference?

making  it up next time

resulted in a fall  definite.


Ignorance could be a cause

might be a fault inherent

could be a reason for a fall definite.



So many ifs and buts

so many do’s and don’ts

would see you fall definite.