The Woman’s Day

Woman’s Day a day being special
being a woman in all entirely
brought up with care special
doted by all elaborately
being kept in absolute security
that being of an Indian special
the way a girl is brought up invariably
with the mother’s eyes being watchful
the day starts with a strict monitor
skirts and high necked blouses covering full
a tight plait dangling in a loiter
jasmine or pitchi strung together
adorns the plait altogether.

Education being very exclusive
schools selected with care
colleges chosen with a derivative
girls lead a protected life without any share
the world around seems alien to most
it being a regular outing as nothing remarkable
the drive to school and back almost
nothing other than that was possible
the girls worked hard and in earnest
studied with an inclination to excel
many turned highly learned
a good take as being in different levels
the empowerment of woman has come with a gusto.

The Woman’s Day a distraction in this part
many know not what it is all about
being a celebration of the West
Indian ladies go about undisturbed
the awakening is only very recent
wishes come forth from not too many
same could be said of the other days
the Father’s Day, the Mother’s Day
lastly the Valentines Day
all rush in with a strong voice
the Indian community stands aghast
they who know about the festivals and rituals
think not of all these days as special
being on the whole sober to the core.


Out In The Air

Out in the air
crawls the bear
with no fear
comes from the rear
grunts and mumbles
leaves without a fumble
knew not where to go
walks a little slow
turns this way and that way
sees the sun’s rays
thence the people around
retreats jungle bound


The Way To Tackle.

The way to tackle are too many
Not being crtical as any
Being smart is not funny
Get ahead with a strive
Would be able to click five
Go along with a drive
Would be great enough to resolve
Likely to ensure a dissolve
A sure procedure to absolve.


The Wait

I wait for the newspaper everyday
Read the headlines in the a way
Go to the depth once in a way
A routine that has been in stay
An agelong practice as I say
Keeps me going all the way
Even in these days of Internet
Where the news pour through the net
All in a speed of a jet
I wat for the newspapers with a bet.