Keep Away From Him

He wears nothing above the waist

a piece of loin cloth around the waist

feels thinking  any more is a waste

forgets  that he is a total waste

walks in a hurried haste

does things unworthy in haste

his body is a sticky paste

the sweat shines like a glossy paste

not that he works  as such

cause he  paces up and down as such

so be this man seen in the surround

keep away from him at least in the next round




Not Mirth All The Time

Could be a day of mirth

almost so to this time

could be a day of grief

almost so to this  time

could be both in a day

almost so to this time

happiness and sadness

exist together at this time

being so all the time

an incident of  joy

coordinates with another

one or more of disappointment

as every day there is birth on one side

whilst there is death besides

that be the way of life

to me and to you all the while.





Am In Love

I like you

she said it all true

am in blue.


I like her

I feel intense about her

am in love.