The Explosion

There be an attack

sudden and intact

be it in an airport busy

a bomb  planted  tricky

near the Help Desk

exploded in a frisk

killed a score and more

there were many more

innocence trespassed  in the fray

pleasant face turned grey

those alive the minute before

fell dead the minute after

be so in Brussels  in the morning

a calamity of a terrible kind in the








Likewise I Am

Likewise I had been

withdrawn from the scene

Likewise I am seen

a quiet person as in.

Like wise I am felt

a silent spectator in the belt.

Likewise I am talked about

an  unassailable  one rather  loud.

Likewise I like to be

different as I could be.




Ode To heart

The heart is never at one place

it  is always  on the move

a look, a read, a write in phases

a thought of food and sleep as proofs heart.png


I am at home most  times

my heart travels all the more

I sit  unaware of the clock’s chimes

my heart trots, jumps and runs even more.


The felicity of the travel it conjures

could be of no comparison whatsoever

it sees, glimpses, peeps without perjure

a nice little way to loiter around as ever.


The images it gathers in its distinct journey

the experiences it encounters all through

could be of nothing similar to the real  journey

has a lasting influence anyway all through.


The emotions and feelings it carries all the same

be the outcome of the day to day contentions

being active the subconscious plays a relentless game

while the conscious goes to sleep without retention.


The  roam of the heart turns extensive

a premonition being on the cards

could occasionally turn reclusive

a reflection at times of hard .


A heart of steel be the decorum

succumbs not to the wear and tear

if at all it  crumbles at the fulcrum

the physic collapses being unable to bear .


Saying so of the heart being an eulogy

the role of the heart is pivotal

unable to think of a fitting analogy

to”home is where the heart lies”being axial