The Restrictions All Around.

The mosquitoes bite me

I framed my windows with nets

the cockroaches hamper me

Everywhere I placed the trap sets

the lizards play around me

I placed antidotes  in  corners  and dents

the ants get into my sugar container with glee

I draw lines with a chalk all around

now the squirrels play havoc in a spree

know not how to restrict them in a round

they  eat up the fruits in the trees

build nests on windows and attic as found

stay I worried all the way

as I could fin no way

I have  closed my house absolutely

only sun could enter freely

no chance of wind blowing through

a kind of living in a cage  for necessity

with none to control  or  frighten me blue




Impressive Man.

A handsome man

Complexion not tan

Has lots and lots of fans

Does whatever he can

Being a great man

clads in pure white

Presents a lovely sight

Stands  at great height

Walks erect and straight

Smiles with grace

A man past his sixties

Impresses  all with an entice.






The Snobbishness As I See

The love for the big

turns an obsession  quick

could be termed an aspiration

a progress and an ambition

not so always I think

had me many a time blink

when friends talk of their riches

minding not the time in glitches

a  boast of their wealth inappropriate

even at times of loss seem inadequate

how could they delve so deep I wonder

did not the tragedy turn them realistic I ponder

could be to camouflage their grief in a way

I doubt these interpretations in  a play

as the snobbishness is interred deep in the heart

it comes not choosing the time in short

the exposition  is so bare and raw

perhaps I could dub it as a great flaw.