Never She Could

Not an example

she be exclusively a sample

of continuous ramble.


Not being remarkable

she being not all capable

indulges in a babble.


Not  of credibility

she lacks the basic integrity

noted for insanity.



A Woman Out Of Sense

The talk goes on and on  for decades

could be  true or false in a facade

I know not anything beyond  the core

that be of a business all the more

somewhat an exaggeration  in phases

a woman tells of her husband with pride

as if he is the greatest business tycoon on ride

she  has to entertain people who come to see him

being not one or two but scores of them as much

finds no time for other chores as such

all these of a man who is a small timer  not known

does a few transactions in money lending in phone

dwells in a small town all through the days

charges an interest heavier than usual

sits on the patio of the common  family house

shouts and screams in a voice with double throat

the wife being one a little out of sense totally

always speaks high  of herself and her family

exasperated I heard the same from one of my relatives

who reported the version with a pinch of salt

I  walked away with a disgust as hearing these is a fault

the way they spin the yarn for years together

provokes anger and anguish altogether stock-photo--girl-in-an-image-of-the-madwoman-of-the-zombie-for-a-holiday-halloween-87776257

the world is made of such people in a majority.




The One Who Called Me

The one who called me often most

for no reason whatsoever

asked why and what forever

an inquisitive intruder utmost

has stopped calling  now

a great relief of recent

while I  tried   hard  to be decent

at times I behaved unpleasant

having been saved of now

I heave a sigh  and turn happy

absolutely out of an issue crappy.




The Clock Chimes

The clock chimes

eight time it sounds

being the time

when everyone is bound

be it the morning

where there be a rush

so be it in the evening

could be a hush

the clock chimes all through

fails only when it is not in order

prompt and punctual all through

howard-miller-grandfather-clock-chimes-and-strikes-two-minutes-early-21315263 a call could be termed as a recorder.