The One Who Called Me

The one who called me often most

for no reason whatsoever

asked why and what forever

an inquisitive intruder utmost

has stopped calling  now

a great relief of recent

while I  tried   hard  to be decent

at times I behaved unpleasant

having been saved of now

I heave a sigh  and turn happy

absolutely out of an issue crappy.



insight Poetry

The Insightful One

Want to know the next ones
be not a very different one
a curiosity is ones’s
a quality so peculiar on the one
found almost one and one
the mind prods with a one
could be insightful in the one
could be an inquisitiveness in the one
anyhow a penetration is not the one
could lead to awant to know reprimand on the one
could be a decor of the one
almost it is the individual in one
goes up with a deluge in ones.