An Image For My Poetry.

Like to develop an image

brand image for  my poetry.

Like to stand out from the rest.

Possibly a best in the category.

Like to give a personal touch.

It would be an exceptional read

very unique and  and attractive

It would be reasonably priced

the cover would be illustrative.

I require publications known

wish to take up the project

being written by an unknown

I wish to see my poems in print

not want to go with self publishing

Hope one day my poems would find a day

would be read across the world

seeking a resource and a way

with the never dying desire  to publish

I write day in and day out with a relish.







The Lazy Find.

Certain days the writing is easy

other days it is  very trying  almost dizzy

the push and  the pull comes from within

the brain is always alert to the wind

the training it undergoes from the beginning

allows it not to rest at any setting

it is the body that ages with the years

the mind would never ages with years

that could be said of a ever curious mind

never denotes any of the lazy find.



A Win Win

The  shift to a different

the move from the original

being a difficulty in all

would be a challenge always

yet change could be a feature

great and solid in future

adaptability being  irksome

the distraction looks worrisome

shift surges up as a task

no use enjoying the bask

change with the tide

could be narrow or wide

that could be a situation

a win win in the location.






The Level Best Performance.

The days with the sun at its level best

mercury rising up and up puts to a test

sweat and perspiration grow large as such

sighs and heaves are heard as much

the equinox comes twice a year

passed on without much ado all these years

the smile of the sun always beautiful

seems to be beyond tolerance absolutely detestable

living right on the equator I moan and groan

could not find a better place  in the zone

being one of not my choice as well

a preordained commitment as to dwell

so  far dare not find an alternative

hope I would never so in this infinity.equinox-dates