The Snobbishness As I See

The love for the big

turns an obsession  quick

could be termed an aspiration

a progress and an ambition

not so always I think

had me many a time blink

when friends talk of their riches

minding not the time in glitches

a  boast of their wealth inappropriate

even at times of loss seem inadequate

how could they delve so deep I wonder

did not the tragedy turn them realistic I ponder

could be to camouflage their grief in a way

I doubt these interpretations in  a play

as the snobbishness is interred deep in the heart

it comes not choosing the time in short

the exposition  is so bare and raw

perhaps I could dub it as a great flaw.





Over a Cup Of Coffee

Over a cup of coffee
with heads put together
discussing the issues burning
that of the economic virtuosity
with the markets sliding up and down
knowing no methods to stabilise
the currency also not coffeeappearing strong
predicting a financial break down
the learned economists could go no further
except remain pondering over the steaming coffee
with an aroma splendid and flavour excellent.

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Battle Of Wits

Violence  and rebellion  disturb the world in great velocity,

Bloodshed and killing  diffuse the world  in atrocity,

Greed and treachery dissolve the world in falsity,

Natural disasters devour the world in alacrity ,

The frontiers of the world are hacked by  ferocity.

The  colossal vacuum   encodes  the style sheets of  behaviour,

The fallacy of physical threat  encircles the anterior,

The impudence of barbarian  attestations   blot the exterior,

The arrogance of power and  wealth debar the  inferior,

The muscle and money  clamber to be the superior.

Curiosity and intelligence  dwell in a far away land,

The ascendance  of   terrorism  has diminished the stand,

The  prominence of wisdom has lost its brand,

The eloquence of intellect possess no magic wand,

The  quotes  of the scholars are no longer grand.

Ancient  royal  courts held   presentation of poetry,

Critics  put forth  a researched criticism  literary

Kings honoured the poets  with  encomiums  flattery,

People revelled in  immense  celebration  happily,

Permeating the environ with distinctive creativity.