The Snobbishness As I See

The love for the big

turns an obsession  quick

could be termed an aspiration

a progress and an ambition

not so always I think

had me many a time blink

when friends talk of their riches

minding not the time in glitches

a  boast of their wealth inappropriate

even at times of loss seem inadequate

how could they delve so deep I wonder

did not the tragedy turn them realistic I ponder

could be to camouflage their grief in a way

I doubt these interpretations in  a play

as the snobbishness is interred deep in the heart

it comes not choosing the time in short

the exposition  is so bare and raw

perhaps I could dub it as a great flaw.




appreciate. modern patent Poetry tradition

A Family Of Prestige –Snobbish They Are.

A family I am familiar with
known for its modernistic feel
westernised in every field
be it in living or eating style
think high of the other side
speak not their own language
lisp in an Anglican style
hold their nose high
with a patented name
they are that way in a side
have another appearance in a mode
that to be too much traditional
and very much sticky to the community scroll
follow each ritual in the fore and to the core
such as the formalities that go with it
be that the step by step formulas
programmed by their ancestors with diligence
right from prenatal to death with an inference
blindly adhered to now for the sake of it in the go
with the money achieving the centrifugal shosnobbishw
a contradiction the keeps me beyond comprehension
an irrelevancy that overwhelms the complacency
know not what to do appreciate or depreciate?


The Meet.

There was a meet a fortnight ago

a family meet  in the go

where the cousins 

converge and diverge

enter they in high spirits

come out with demoralized ethos

their egos on display

the power reigns supreme

the wealth takes the reign

as in all society

there are classifications

the superlative shadows the rest

a prowess of strength in a show

nothing concrete on the go

talk they of their ancestors

year in and year out

Is it the way to commemorate?

I really do not know .

I am part of the family

an onlooker for a few years

now mostly out of it

nothing personal as such

the audacity overwhlems

that be their way in style

a protest becomes impossible

with certain stipulations in sway

that be my status

a Hameltian dilemma

“To be or not to be.”

 meet the family


The Gift Of The Colonial rule.

Harping on this particular day

I am almost  in the center of the play

as the trend all the way

calls for a celebration  in the sway

I, unable to get along in the fray

pull back from the gay

that goes along with the day

which was not found  before in my country

but came into force with the British

coming into my land with a wish

and an intention to do trade

they did great transactions

took control of the land in course

left after much effort and struggle

by my countrymen and leaders

with a bag full of riches

a plunder so  to say

leaving behind a practice

alien to this ancient  country

that being an expression of  joy

with a pomp and splendour

not known to my  people

who  lived an austere life

adhering to  rituals and rites

chanting mantras and slokas

a tradition going beyond the ages

now getting decimated by unwanted extremes

that of ostentation  exhibiting a glare.rule_britannia_india_cartoon






Actions Age concept Experience silly vain

Where She Belongs?

glaring outfitmade up womanHeavily made up in a glare
she walked with steps rare
Stitched with stones rare
her outfits presented a striking glare.
Decked with shining jewels rare
her posture reflected a shocking glare.
She was the epitome of snobbery in a glare.
Moving with frivolous fallacy a deviation rare.

Well, that has been her way of life for long.
Straddling with imperious affectation all along.
She spoke in a euphemistic tone almost like a song.
Uttering meaningless attributions without a wrong.
She behaved like a wanton child in the throng.
Exchanging silly words for nominal prong.
She was a synonym of vanity excessively strong.
One knows not where she belongs?

Forgery thoughts turmoil

Brands Of Four-

Birth of you keeps me wondering,

Family of you  makes me thinking,

Friends of you get me embittering,

Actions of you are detesting,

Oh ! tell me why  you are so infringing?



Your deeds force me to undertake a study,

Up I go with my frantic search ready,

 I got a background of your  family already,

No wonder you are so undisciplined and greedy,

Committing faults  mightily gaudy.



The eldest of you is a  school drop out,

Talks incoherently in a shrill base throat,

Clad in shabby, unkempt  attire throughout,

Thinks he is a perfectionist in a float,

Vitally he is  a treacherous cut throat.



The next in order is  the only educated ,

Speaks in measured terms not affected,

Dresses up in impressive clothing well-managed,

Behaves  with charm and grace absolutely dignified,

 Truly  he is  an elegance  finely styled.


The third of the family is an empty head,

Prattles in  broken disorganised  thread,

Wears  the most unsuited  dress code ahead,

Poses himself to be  well read,

Really  he is a snobbish dread.



A family so different I rarely find,

 Not looks but thoughts  also differ I extend,

Integrity  also has a graphical bend,

The siblings move on   to the end,

With their own  specific blend.


(The four  brothers  are products of imagination.The poem refers to none dead or alive)