The Song In Me.

It is a music that I love

never do I miss it

the music lights up my heart

seems to be that someone is with me

I do listen with rapt attention

at times I nod my head

I do  clap with an appreciation

mostly I sing with the singer

all these do happen at home

while I write in my canvas

keeping up the tempo

the melody penetrates all through

my fingers type with an association

a lively interaction in a



eleven grace mature. Poetry responsible

A Birthday Song

eleven year old boyTurning eleven  today
 an age of grace
 responsible in a way
playful in a trace
set your goals high
go with an impulse strong
as  your limit is the sky
mature like a beautiful song
rhythmic and melodious.
amazing Poetry

A Song And A wrong.

Predictions go wrong

diction goes in a song

demonstrations go strong

dedication takes you long

distractions make you do wrong

concentration makes you write a song

be those all in an amazing song

enable you to do nothing wrong.

exasperation. Poetry

The Dance I Know Not.

The rap and the dance

the drums and the chance

rant the sky with a trance

glued to the pageant I watch

they throw and catch

I sit  amidst the din

the sound emanates from a tin

rock and rock they go

down and down they bow

what is it all about?

dance I am an odd man out.

noise once again rises high

exasperated, I sigh

this way it goes for long

I could hear no song

only sounds in an yell

Luckily I could hear the bell

Gosh ! the program comes  to an end

I make my way out negotiating a bend

Poetry song

A Bouquet Song

Roses hold an enticing sight

no matter where they  lie

be it on the plants around

be it  strewn on the ground

they captivate  the eyes

no matter what be their size

the smallest winks at you

while the biggest greets you

the blush seen in the red one

overwhelms us with a fun

the rosy rose smiles coyly

stretches our imagination extensively

there is  abundant peace in the yellow rose

it is  a transcendental  feel in pose

that be of all the roses in a song

could also be a bouquet in form.



The Song I Hear.

27335087-a-bare-tree-amidst-greeneryThe day is beautiful

intermittent showers

the demure sunlight

a cool breeze enthrall

all set to entice

I hear a music

comes not from anywhere

but from myself

a song of my life

hums in my ears

the notes go up and down

expressing the joy with a gusto

intimating the sadness with a feel

synchronising the glory in cheer

reflecting on the losses in grim

the high intonations with melody

merge with the low notations  softly

the song goes on for hours

my eyes become moist

wiping them gently

I stare in front of me

 the greenery bewitches 

the bare trees  devastate.


The Sequel And Theme

it is a sequel natural

no difference in factual

a flow in the  river  smooth 

not in a way uncouth

with the tides rising high

then they slowly die 

asymptomatic of the thoughts 

that   elude when sought 

the heart carries a heavy load 

could not hold it on board 

a pour out  is the course

I withhold them by force

 they are ready to jump out 

 do they do  so in a let out

my song would strike a theme 

one of absolute  dream 

sequel and theme


Dark Be The Mind

Groping in the dark

he went round the corner

faltering now and then

knowing not what do

he went ahead  with difficulty.


Holding a stick in hand

with it  making noise

he crossed the place

being a night mare

he got ahead with difficulty.


Had to have a light in hand

that would leave him in peace

taking him in the dark

negotiating through the curves

he had to move past with difficulty.


Take it in mind ,Man

the light being literacy

that would enable a thrive

passing through the strife

making you to  move fast and facile.


Stressing over and over

the importance of education

that many neglect wantonly

might be a negligence due to struggle

everyone should know to read and write

that be the motto of this song inMalala-Yousafzai-quotes-2 special














The Flowers Song

We experience awe seeing the flowers
while the rose induces  a romantic feel
the daffodils instil a pleasant keen
as the lilies make us calm
the hyacinths softens our heart
the violets lend us courage
while the red dahlias inspire us as well
the jasmine invigorates us
while the lotus down in waters
invites us to be down to earthdownload (8)
the realistic forms of the flowers
do make us get excited to the most
as they allow the poets to sing their glory
versifying  the tributes we commonly say.


Jolly Go Song

A jump here and a jump there

came she with a bump,

With a look here and a look there

came she with a lump.

With a grouse here and a grouse  there

came she with a stump.

With a force  here and a force  there

pushed she everything into a dump

With a frown here and a frown there

turned she her face in a grump.

With a  fat here and fat there

appeared she plump.

With an adieu here and an adieu there

went she  making all numb.chubby-girl-no-sign