The Poor Girl

The onus of the girl child

there being a push-off

than father hating her

for no reason whatsoever.

The girl born suffers all through

being cursed by the father

held with affection by the mother

not openly but in the inner heart.

She grows up with the years

second to her brother

who gets all the goodies

she being happy with the remains.

The boy goes to school

no matter he studies or not

the girl is sent to the primary

then drops out considering the family’s poverty.

The girl shares all the responsibilities

the years when she has to play

she spends doing household chores

even goes out to do domestic work.

The little salary she earns

adds to the family’s sustenance

with the father always half drunk

and the mother toiling in the sun.

With little education and innocence

she gets married at a tender age

bears the yoke of marriage

never would her husband share.

Pity is the girl’s life slogging and working

never could she rest for a single day

with the child on her way

praying that she not give birth to a girl.

poor girl


Dark Be The Mind

Groping in the dark

he went round the corner

faltering now and then

knowing not what do

he went ahead  with difficulty.


Holding a stick in hand

with it  making noise

he crossed the place

being a night mare

he got ahead with difficulty.


Had to have a light in hand

that would leave him in peace

taking him in the dark

negotiating through the curves

he had to move past with difficulty.


Take it in mind ,Man

the light being literacy

that would enable a thrive

passing through the strife

making you to  move fast and facile.


Stressing over and over

the importance of education

that many neglect wantonly

might be a negligence due to struggle

everyone should know to read and write

that be the motto of this song inMalala-Yousafzai-quotes-2 special














All Through Six decades And More.

A man  with all  the most defaults

be it a range of physical flaws

be it a  package of mental fault

he having both  beyond law

nothing could bring him together

his talk falling short  of standard norms

his moves incoherent altogether

his thoughts having no forms

the looks ,of course being not his fault

but the attitude  has no binding to  any clause

thinking too big is the irony to dot

having so many negatives in the cross

knowing nothing and behaving funny

gets through the  community narrow and small

once walking  out of it feels  dazed in the sunny

creating an  unremarkable and abject sixty five year old man downfall.

Well, that be his way of life all through six decades

exposing his shortcomings at all times with an onslaught

that be his style and presentation in all facades

he being a miscreant and a misnomer in the slot.




Eating The Cream.

Eating the cream
and leaving the pie
has been his habit
gulps every delicacy
as soon as it is laid
quickly and avariciously
This culture has been inbred
and he has inherited it
from his ancestors perhaps
I know not from whom
or is it his quality private
as the years have made him old .
lest, what a fool
am I to think like that
as he is a find
from the lower
coming from a family
which has money
but no culture
and added to that
ha has no basic education
to amend and go through
life in fashion. images (10)

Actions Haiku

Kicked To Dust -Haiku.

defeated man.Born as prince
made billions by unjust means.
kicked overnight,

Sold learning
His price was highly exorbitant .
Stripped of position.

Why be greedy?
Facing ignominy over a tumble.
knocked down miserably

Actions education. Poem

Roaring it Is

Degree-Sale-jpg_092651It is largely a business
highly a transaction
leading to a sale
and a purchase
not in terms normally
but rather abstractly
which could yield revenue
not in hundreds or thousands
but in millions and billions
selling not a product alone
but commodities in package
Curious to know
what it is all about.
It is education
that is sold.

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Are Schools Really Seats of Learning?


Article first published as Are Schools Really Seats of Learning? on Blogcritics.


Schools are seats of learning. They should inculcate values and establish reason while imparting education. The personality, as a whole, should undergo a development.

The child in school has to blossom into a beautiful individual endowed with refinement and sharpened wit. Academic excellence alone should not be the prime criterion, as it can be anybody’s achievement once you rely on learning by rote, revisiting the subjects often, and taking innumerable tests and examinations. Top grades have become the targets of modern schools, which try to churn out products in quantity tagged with high scores, very much akin to industries producing goods.

Industry aims at profit and looks out for competition. If the industrial houses slacken their productivity their existence in this highly competitive world becomes a question mark. They have to service loans borrowed from financial institutions, pay wages to their workers, buy raw materials, maintain quality, pay power charges, and spend on research and building infrastructure to survive in the marketplace. As their demands are high, they concentrate on production.

Schools do not have such compulsions. Production should not be their aim. Quality should come first. The teacher should teach the child in depth, not look into the grades. The pupil should understand the subject before he or she is tested on it. The child should enjoy learning, which leads to a love of the subject. It is the teacher who makes a lesson interesting or boring. A monotonous lecture confined to the subject renders it extremely uninteresting. An hour of lecture should contain a pep talk, a discussion relevant to the subject, then take up the core lesson followed by a short question and answer period.

The last period of every school day should be allotted to games, moral science, library, hand work, debating, and quizzing. The students’ work should be displayed in the classroom ando remain there for the term. Parents should be invited to see their child’s performance. This would develop bonding, a grip over the child, and a rapport with the teachers.

How many schools do these things? The child right from kindergarten is subject to tests. Examinations bring in fear. The small child undergoes a tedium that robs him of his childhood fancy and imagination. He becomes a live gadget and assumes a mechanical style of living. He gets up in the morning, rushes to school, listens to the teachers, comes back home, does homework, and prepares for tests. His eyes automatically close, leaving him a hapless child devoid of freedom and enjoyment.

The parental pressure on the child is enormous. They impose their aspirations on him. They want him to become an engineer or a medical professional so that he can turn out to be an income generating machine. The child has no choice. He has to obey his parents. The child has to study irrespective of his wishes, and graduates as an engineer or doctor. Thus begins his ordeal of making money. He does so and builds wealth. He has sacrificed his interests and love. He has lost his childhood happiness which will never come back at any price.

Nowadays schools are run as businesses. Education has become expensive. It is an economic novelty bound by no principles. It is a great money spinner. Many with little education establish schools, as they yield enormous revenue. The world has found a technique based not on science or commerce, but on the fundamentals of desire and greed.

Schools  are apparently great enchanters attracting the public with their intrigue and seducing them by their fanciful advertisements and misleading pro formas.


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Nothing Doing.

I am always thrilled to hear this phrase “Nothing doing.”It may sound very authoritative, and may invite displeasure. It has a negative connotation. But ,I have got used to this usage right from my childhood.

I was born to a strict mother. her discipline was not anything simple, but more rigorous than a military perception. A day always began with her tough routine, Right from waking up  in the morning, to my retirement in the night ,  I was subjected to a severe schedule.The day started with completing my homework, practising my musical notes, followed by working on my bharatanatyam jathis and bhavas. Then ,I was pushed to have a quick bath. While coming out ,I was dragged  by my mom to do up my hair, powder up my face , stuck bhindi, then placed flowers in my short plait. I was led into the dining hall, made to eat my breakfast, gulp some hot milk,and was  put in the car ,driven by an aged chauffeur,to school. Any remission or commission would be discarded with a phrase “Nothing doing”

Again in school, I had to undergo similar prescriptions. The teachers and nuns were my mother’s good friends. So the behaviour was as much oppressive as it was at home. A little distraction would bring the roof down. A little slip in the rank would create a pandemonium. A little truancy would bring hell. “Nothing doing ” would be the chant of my school teachers.I completed school in harsh terror.

College , I thought would have a different environment. It would be a place for more liberties , more personal development, and more individual outlook. But , my feeling was dismally wrong. My college days were even more suffocating than my school days. My Principal , happened to be a dear friend of my mother, very close to our family. There was no escapade from her watchful eyes. her eyes would be following me, wherever I went, even when I had to go to different buildings in the college ,for different classes.  I preferred to sit in the back benches, and was up to some pranks for a a fortnight, when the Principal was out of town. Once she came back , I was summoned and given a stern sermon, The favourite phrase ” nothing doing”, crossed her soliloquy often. I came out of her office with down cast eyes . On my return home, I was  taken to task by mother.” Nothing doing “, she cried at the top of her voice.

I walked out with saddened spirit. What have I done ? Why this ado about nothing? My mind kept prodding, my heart ached , and my eyes glistened with tears, I bit my lips, in anger . Blood oozed out.

Looking back after 30 years , I feel sorry for my ,mother, my teachers and my Principal. Why did they act so hard, so harsh and so severe.? They earned the dispeasure of their wards. A kind word, a pep talk, a jovial shimmer, a twinkle in the eyes would have brought immense results. Nay , these were not there in their lexicon.

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Education As Seen By Majority

Education is defined as learning of knowledge.It develops the human mind and sharpens the wit.

Nowadays education means something very lowly, very prosaic, and very dull.Education is allied with money ,not knowledge.

A teacher  has a low rank in society, though he does a yeoman service and   proposes a noble ideal. He earns less than other professionals.

A journalist has to slog , has to work unmindful of time and place, yet he is not considered as great as a software engineer.

An advertisement creative  has to burn the midnight’s oil, and break his head to keep up with the trend,yet he is not as great as medical Doctor.

A management graduate , looks into corporate duties, is the driving force of the industry he heads, yet he commands little respect, a wee better than the most original scribe and ad man.

An engineer , is high up the ladder, but now as software is into dusk he is no more Prince Charming.

A doctor of medicine , has lost his lustre ,as the commercial aspect has overcome the professionalism .

A science graduate  will fit into research which is not an enthusiastic  formula.

A mathematics graduate is an absent minded professor, always dreaming of numbers, but not currency.

A literature graduate is an imaginative person , dreaming of rhythm,cadence and poesy. He is very human in feeling ,so lacks the art of making money.

An agriculture graduate is remided of his plants, and trees, and  is close to nature , but very far away from the world  of finance

So education has been diluted to making of money.It has fallen from grace..

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A grand interview.

Interviews evolve  qualification.

The assessment of an individual is done by formal consultation.,which includes ,rating scales,self reports,personality inventories,projective techniques and behavioural observation.

Interview , encompasses personality appraisal, propaganda testing,public opinion poll and social methodology , according to Encyclopedia Brittanica.

A play school is conducting interviews for admission.

A 3 year old is subjected to such rigorous testing .

The child and her parents are called for an interview by the school, on a particular day.

Meantime , the parents give coaching to their child ,with such vigour and strictness.

The child is  compelled to learn the names of colours,to  decipher shapes, to identify animals, to count, to spell out the alphabets, to talk fluently, and behave like an adult.

The  kid, does everything ,as taught ,at home, but once it  gets into the school campus, it develops, a fear, ,a withdrawal emotion, gets puzzled,and makes a mess of the interview , much to the chagrin of the parents.

The child’s admission is a big question .

The parents  admonish the poor child  for its breakdown.

A child , is like a petal , when handled roughly, it gets dishevelled and disoriented.

Education should not be a compulsion, but a reverberation.

It should enlighten  and enliven both the teacher and the taught.

It should be an interesting programme, a pleasant syllabus, and an enthralling edifice.

Will the schools stop  conducting  interviews?

Will they focus on educating the young mind?

Will they refrain from  replenishing their kitties, by levying exorbitant fees.?

Formulating a Young mind , is an honourable task, a selfless service, a pleasurable experience, and a god sent blessing.