All Through Six decades And More.

A man  with all  the most defaults

be it a range of physical flaws

be it a  package of mental fault

he having both  beyond law

nothing could bring him together

his talk falling short  of standard norms

his moves incoherent altogether

his thoughts having no forms

the looks ,of course being not his fault

but the attitude  has no binding to  any clause

thinking too big is the irony to dot

having so many negatives in the cross

knowing nothing and behaving funny

gets through the  community narrow and small

once walking  out of it feels  dazed in the sunny

creating an  unremarkable and abject sixty five year old man downfall.

Well, that be his way of life all through six decades

exposing his shortcomings at all times with an onslaught

that be his style and presentation in all facades

he being a miscreant and a misnomer in the slot.




The Orphan

An orphan  is born out of mother 

becoming so  is a gruesome bother

losing her  prematurely is a way

going by the incidents fatal in stay

she throwing the child wantonly

assumes a notion orphan


the former being a natural event

the latter becoming a defiant

that being the result of lust

fearing to give name in best

discarding the new-born  as rust

the child becomes an orphan in no age

grows up  steadily in the orphanage

with his mother living well with another

while his father  raising a family with the other

the little one grows up untended in default.







Default Power subscriptions thoughts

The Intoxication

Men lose their equanimity .

As they rise high up

Status takes them to a prosperity,

Apparently to  a new set up.



Alcohol  intake leaves man dizzy,

As his mind roams

Making him fly around  in a frenzy,

Hastening  him to his tomb.


Wealth accrual converts his quality.

As he wallows in luxury,

Detaching him from humanity,

Driving him to a desolate fury.


Power  puts man in a pedestal,

As he lives  in success absolute

Positioning him to  an elevated pinnacle,

Far away from the  multitude.


Alcohol is a personal fault,

While wealth connotes a mild toxin

 Power assumes a  malignant default,

Intoxicating the mind to a nonchalant  fix in.


The lust for power overtakes in a ten,

As the taste of power is  mouth-watering ,

Proposing an intention to acquire often,

The supremacy  as a best offering.