The Girl Wants To Go Home.

The girl wants to go home

she  has been in a roam

for a time in the storm

has lost her way back home.


She is stranded for a while

calls “mama, mama” all the while

could not find anyone  in the  side

cries with fear none being beside.


The passers  by look at her with pity

none did wish to take her to the city

which she called to be  her  own

cried with fear in a pathetic tone.


One kind person came to her

held her hand with love for sure

wiped her tears  with care

took her in her arms  an act rare.


The people around looked on

the samaritan  played no fun

walked with the child  not in haste

she being a soul all the more chaste.


The girl immediately took to her

smiling she went with her

at least one among the crowd

released the girl from her shroud.


Being, as it is, a very easy effort

none did offer to help but deferred

know not why people behave so?

could quote many such incidents in row.




















The Girl Looks Like A Picture.

sketch_of_girl_sitting_alone_by_hawwyyy-d6a1y1cI see her sitting all alone

she is a bag of bone

sullen and solemn she is

know not from where she is


She sits there for a long time

I could hear the church bells chime

motionless she is like a statue

perplexing she is to view.


She looks like a picture beautiful

her features drawn like and wonderful

there I could see a sadness writ in all

perhaps she had escaped a fall.


By fall, I mean, anything not literally

could be one of a turmoil psychologically

the painting as she resembles unassumingly

would blow up the hearts of men intimately.









ached. cycle limbs merrily Poetry

A Young Care Free Girl

As a young  carefree girl

I used to cycle around

sang merrily  in a tempered sound

pedaled fast up and down

till my limbs ached all the more

I never stopped even after

I went faster and faster

at last I could not pedal any more

I had to stop there being no other go

could not even take a step ahead

the limbs had swollen instead

my gate keeper carried me back

my mother was happy to see me intact.FOT1154226

I used to perspire a lot

I had a quick shower

refreshed myself

my appetite would have aggravated

I had a whole cup of milk



dowryThe girl Gowry

married off in a hurry

died of dowry.


The Angry Little Girl

Throwing her school bag

the little one rushed to me

pitching herself against me

she made daring gestures.

Know not why she was angry

got her by the frills of her frock

querying the reason for her anger

I got not a lovely smile usually being hers.

Caught in a turmoil and apprehension

thinking how to bring back her to her usual self

I sat silent for a while with patience untold

putting up with her tantrums all the same.

Having been quite some time

she came to me with heads down

saying she had a bad time at school

getting reprimanded by her teacher .

I let her at that level

not bothering her with my curiosity

as I knew it would intensify further

took hold of her and ran my fingers through her hair

angry girl


The Poor Girl

The onus of the girl child

there being a push-off

than father hating her

for no reason whatsoever.

The girl born suffers all through

being cursed by the father

held with affection by the mother

not openly but in the inner heart.

She grows up with the years

second to her brother

who gets all the goodies

she being happy with the remains.

The boy goes to school

no matter he studies or not

the girl is sent to the primary

then drops out considering the family’s poverty.

The girl shares all the responsibilities

the years when she has to play

she spends doing household chores

even goes out to do domestic work.

The little salary she earns

adds to the family’s sustenance

with the father always half drunk

and the mother toiling in the sun.

With little education and innocence

she gets married at a tender age

bears the yoke of marriage

never would her husband share.

Pity is the girl’s life slogging and working

never could she rest for a single day

with the child on her way

praying that she not give birth to a girl.

poor girl


The Girl Hiding Behind The Mother

Hiding behind her mother

 the little girl  peeped out

 while coming out now and then

winked at me for sure.


Her mother was talking to me serious

 I could not cope with her Shy Girl Hiding Behind Mother's Dresssobriety

my eyes were on the little one

longing to have a glimpse now and then.


As she winked in the intervals

I winked back wiith a grin

she giggled and hid behind

the scene went on for long.


The mother not knowing what was happening

went along with her narration

hoping that i would listen

did not stop in between.


With my attention on the girl

heard nothing of her mother’s tale

when the mother completed her story

I was nowhere in the midst.


The mother asked me few questions

trusting I would give an answer

I, knowing not what was told

blinked and mumbled something.


The mother got offended

walked away dragging the little one

the girl turned and gave another wink

winking back I sat satisfied.



Vanity All The More


A girl in her teens
goes by her fashion
that of wearing everything short
glamorous she looks
with a beautiful face and blonde hair
her skin being so silky with no blemish
and her features looking sharp
she goes about with much fanfare
trying to attract all
that does not look decent
as it is typical of a stylish snob
let her be moderate in dress
with a dignified look and grace
she would win more hearts all along
than being so vanity personified.



Stop It

Stop it  said my girl
Taken aback I stood up
Stop it again she commanded .
I became  dumbfounded .

Stop it shouted she
I got amused and chuckled.
Stop it she thundered
I laughed aloud .

Stop it she cried
I burst out with a guffaw.
Stop it she wailed
My laughter resonated. 

Stop it she cried
I burst out with a guffaw.
Stop it she wailed
My laughter resonated.

Stop it, sobbed my little girl
I got worked up now really
Stop it,wept  my little one
I embraced her with love.

Saying download (59) stop it meekly
she placed her head on me .
Whispering stop it  softly
she dozed off peacefully

Placing her on her bed
saw the tears drying up
all over her rosy cheeks
Patting her gently
I cried all the more.


The Fall Down

A beautiful flower 

bright and yellow

falls down

hurting none


A lively child

falls down

hurting itself badly

not the place where it fell.



A pretty girl

falls down

she being squashed up

with an abused body

and a deranged mind.yellow flower