The Freedom

Walking with free hands

talking with free words

eating  every day a free diet

living a carefree  life

could be a blessing

not all are likely to get

those who are fortunate

do experience a lively  strength

a bliss almost heavenly and divine.freedom


ached. cycle limbs merrily Poetry

A Young Care Free Girl

As a young  carefree girl

I used to cycle around

sang merrily  in a tempered sound

pedaled fast up and down

till my limbs ached all the more

I never stopped even after

I went faster and faster

at last I could not pedal any more

I had to stop there being no other go

could not even take a step ahead

the limbs had swollen instead

my gate keeper carried me back

my mother was happy to see me intact.FOT1154226

I used to perspire a lot

I had a quick shower

refreshed myself

my appetite would have aggravated

I had a whole cup of milk