Poetry shift

Bag On The Back

bag on the backThe shift is on once again

how am I to negotiate?

I deliberate in vain

as I sigh  with a renunciation

let me be in one place

not want to be in a chase

whatever be the case

I prefer not to live in phase.

That will not be I know

so I go with the  tide

I have become very slow

anyhow I have to abide

With the bags on my back

I walk on to the flight

my mind gives up the fight

I  find myself in the same track

How long will have I to live so?

I really do not know.



The Angry Little Girl

Throwing her school bag

the little one rushed to me

pitching herself against me

she made daring gestures.

Know not why she was angry

got her by the frills of her frock

querying the reason for her anger

I got not a lovely smile usually being hers.

Caught in a turmoil and apprehension

thinking how to bring back her to her usual self

I sat silent for a while with patience untold

putting up with her tantrums all the same.

Having been quite some time

she came to me with heads down

saying she had a bad time at school

getting reprimanded by her teacher .

I let her at that level

not bothering her with my curiosity

as I knew it would intensify further

took hold of her and ran my fingers through her hair

angry girl