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My Subdued Song.

Getting angry for nothing at all

has been his way in all

especially towards me

he speaks with no glee

throws a look unkind

that keeps one in a bind

with others he is  benign

smiles with love and shine

this makes me indignant

I try to be defiant

well, that is the way my life goes

where I have to be always in toes.

know not how long it would prolong?

have to endure it with such a subdued song.stock-vector-the-person-of-the-man-blue-eyes-a-benevolent-smile-a-strong-willed-chin-14470516


The Angry Little Girl

Throwing her school bag

the little one rushed to me

pitching herself against me

she made daring gestures.

Know not why she was angry

got her by the frills of her frock

querying the reason for her anger

I got not a lovely smile usually being hers.

Caught in a turmoil and apprehension

thinking how to bring back her to her usual self

I sat silent for a while with patience untold

putting up with her tantrums all the same.

Having been quite some time

she came to me with heads down

saying she had a bad time at school

getting reprimanded by her teacher .

I let her at that level

not bothering her with my curiosity

as I knew it would intensify further

took hold of her and ran my fingers through her hair

angry girl


My Angry Grandchild

Angry she is  very angry  all through.

knowing not what to do

knowing  not why she was so

sat worried all through the day


At dusk went to her slowly

still wild with burning rage

she  turned away hastily

not wanting to see  me at any stage.


Walked slowly back with eyes down

knowing  not how to appease her

thought of what wrong I had done

breaking my head as ow to satisfy her.


Looking at me with a raised head

she said in a voice soft and firm

you have gifted a book to my brother instead

not thinking of me in any term.


Unable to explain my act to the little girl fair

as she is a just a four-year old  child

placed her in my lap talked to her with care

saying that her book is on the way my grandangry childchild.











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The Virtual Takes Over – An Allegory.

The gangrene  is in the foot.

It is ferociously angry .

It resembles a reddish flame.

The sore falls apart.

Blood oozes out.

It  glitters  unashamed.

It looks horrible and ugly.


Subscribing much towards an abstract gangrene.

It lies deep in the heart.

It is rudely ferocious.

It is soaked in jealousy.

It exhibits animosity.

The abscess bursts with force.

Letting out ill will and venom in one go.


The physical affliction is unbearable.

The wound heals up with care.

The mental agony dispels hope.

The extradition becomes a torture.

The body heals.

The mind suffers.

It is the non existent that truly exists.






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A Red Flower Over There.

It was a beautiful red flower in full bloom.

It was  a pleasing red .

It was a lovely red.

It was a cheerful red.

It was not angry red.

It was not fiercely red.

It was not  dangerously red.

It beckoned with a grace.

It reckoned with a poise.

It depicted a welcome choice.

It portrayed  a smiling face.

The red flower’s charm lasted a day.

The red colour faded the next day.

The next morn it drooped down dead on the ground grey.