They Being A Couple.

They being a couple

talk together in ways

the man thinks he a scholar

audacious he is always

really knows very little

a great showman in terms

an empty drum in place.


The woman an equal partner

talks  as soft as she can

speaks one means another

a perfect match to her man

seeks faults in every aspect

from the porridge to the garland

both poke their nose into every possibility

she being manipulative and dangerous

very much akin to a fox in a goat’s skin.


These two are made for each other

one gossips all through the day

the other  causes a ripple everywhere

they too live long with such attitude

push forth and push back the genuine

well, it is the fake that glitters  and gleams

the real shines with a glow modest and moderate

the world would know the truth one day

the virtual can never overcome the real.





The Mirror

Have a  very huge mirror
which reflects the inner
not your face alone
but you heart   and tone
showing not your facial beauty
but revealing your inmost booty
highlighting not only the visual
but underlining the virtual
that be the true black_mirror_frame_by_berrykissed-d4lq82dmirror
that cohere the inner and outer
seamlessly in an altogether
make haste to gather.

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The Virtual Takes Over – An Allegory.

The gangrene  is in the foot.

It is ferociously angry .

It resembles a reddish flame.

The sore falls apart.

Blood oozes out.

It  glitters  unashamed.

It looks horrible and ugly.


Subscribing much towards an abstract gangrene.

It lies deep in the heart.

It is rudely ferocious.

It is soaked in jealousy.

It exhibits animosity.

The abscess bursts with force.

Letting out ill will and venom in one go.


The physical affliction is unbearable.

The wound heals up with care.

The mental agony dispels hope.

The extradition becomes a torture.

The body heals.

The mind suffers.

It is the non existent that truly exists.







Six Organs Of You

Organs make up a living being,

Eyes do the seeing,

Ears open to the hearing,

Nose loves smelling,

Mouth has two dealings,

That of eating and talking,

Hands do the performing,

Foot enables wandering.

Eyes ears and nose  are all but free,

Mouth ,hands and foot  are the three,

That  succumb to  man’s spree,

Making him grow up like a tree,

Both in abstract and virtual glee,

Driving him  busy like a bee,

Finally placing  him in a desperate flee.

It is best to control all the six,

Though  it is difficult to fix

While the vision  flicks,

As the  smell tricks,

Then the hearing  clicks, 

All the three act as though in fits,

Reckoning  a flashy duel in ticks

Elaborating  a macro of the micro in a glitz.

The mouth engages in a rolling speed,

Splicing up the fragments into a deed,

Hands do  rob and feed,

Implicating a good and a nasty  lead,

The feet saunters through the  less tread,

Implying a not so  trendy  breed,

Installing a homogeneous bleed,

Fostering a disenchantment throughout the creed.