The Fairest Of All

Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Sheela strikes the mirror affably
The mirror had been there for ages
the corners have turned black.
It reflects with a perfection.
Age has not detracted her course.
On the contrary, she has turned sharp.
Excellent is her performance.
The new ones eye her with envy.

The mirror smiles wearily.
How many faces she has reflected?
She misses the count.Not one, but
too many have confronted her like Sheela.

The mirror looks vague at this juncture
but,sports interest as always
awaits the query very much familiar.

Sheela comes forward
asks the mirror
“Who is the fairest of all?.

The mirror pouts with a tease,
lovingly calls Sheela near,
tells her in a soft tone,
without a doubt,
“You are the fairest of all”.

Overjoyed Sheela thanks the mirror profusely.

The mirror smiles wryly.
Not one but hundreds have asked her
She had replied and will interact the same way.
Truly,you are,
“The fairest of all is you.”



The Human Mirror

An eye reflects

animosity and love as well

the human mirror

Poetry reflection

You Have A Mirror

The face shows  who you are

a reflection of the feelings

like a mirror is the face

cannot hide your stealings.

The mirror will not tell lies

it could hardly deceive you

it in a way never shies

tells your looks in true.

The deception you design

would not adorn your face

they would appear as a feign

and throw you out of place.

The dislike in your heart

displayed  in  the facial expression

tells what runs  in the plot

relating itself to the distraction.

Nothing could you conceal

be it good or bad

your eyes  give you in a deal

be it happy or sad.mirror

Fairest. Poetry

Fairest Of All

Mirror, mirror on the wall
who is the fairest of all?
each one of us has this call
whether we are tall
or look like a dumb doll
round and plump like a ball
no matter what we are in self
we are proud of our self
say to the mirror
“I am the fairest of all.”

mirror , mirror


Mirror For You

Mirror_test.The talk shows your breed 

the way you behave

illustrates your culture.

that being so much in the stream.


The top of the voice shout

hurling remarks unwanted

harping on the same

lands on in a troubled scenario.


The courtesy on extends

the politeness one professes

the dignity one maintains

tells us of the man.


The indignation being controlled

very much in the voice

expressed in words soft

go to make a long way.

The displeasure being exposed

very much in the behaviour

robs the quality of the etiquette

going to stop in between.


The few requirements make the most

raising you above the mark

pulling you down the drain

think of the repercussions and move.


This be  a mirror for you

seeing an angry face is not worthy

looking at a smile lit up face

moves your heart to happiness.


With that be your attempt

a sincere and straightforward

living up to the principles

would be a chance to your success


The Mirror

Have a  very huge mirror
which reflects the inner
not your face alone
but you heart   and tone
showing not your facial beauty
but revealing your inmost booty
highlighting not only the visual
but underlining the virtual
that be the true black_mirror_frame_by_berrykissed-d4lq82dmirror
that cohere the inner and outer
seamlessly in an altogether
make haste to gather.