great. height Poetry

A Man Of Height.

A man of  height

caught my sight

he was tall than normal

but never looked abnormal

long hands and legs  long

a nose equally long

walked in steps long

all the more in every sense long

could he be in thoughts long?

Oh, no how could  thoughts belong

would be great in his ideas  as such

that could be the  fitting epithet  in such

a tall man with great thoughts is of much

a greatness with an involvement  much

should be an appropriate  indulgence

a personality that goes with the idealism

a tall man with a tallness in realism.tall

Fairest. Poetry

Fairest Of All

Mirror, mirror on the wall
who is the fairest of all?
each one of us has this call
whether we are tall
or look like a dumb doll
round and plump like a ball
no matter what we are in self
we are proud of our self
say to the mirror
“I am the fairest of all.”

mirror , mirror


The Man Tall

download (55)The man very tall
had a great fall
he broke his bones
he being  alone
could not manage
so had to arrange
a helper to look after
being one who liked laughter
found a maid who was  quiet
she did her job quite right
the tall man got short
his tempers rose in a shot
started to torment her on and off
the woman turned to him with a scoff
not able to co-exist with her
he drove her off in the spur
Lo! the tall man lay alone
as he had broken his bone

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A Feeling Uncompromised

high buildingsThe day dawned with delight.
The sun came out with a bright light.
The newspaper was on the gate.
There were people taking a stroll with their mates.
There was not much noise of birds for long
They had vacated from their belong.
The trees have given way for buildings tall
It is a disaster more so Nature’s fall.

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The value Of Tradition

It is a tradition on the move.

sticking to the values in a  grove,

shunning the deviation in a blue,

passing on with a conservative flew,

implementing a decorum true,

gliding she crosses the avenue like a dew.


Her move is  an enthusiasm  lively.

With a charisma she proceeds gaily,

with a stamina she presides sternly.

with a  discipline she conducts firmly,

with an energy she works untiringly,

taking her to the  step of victory. 


Tradition is not  only in her attire specially.

It is  found in her speech almost admiringly.

It is seen in her manners all the most specifically.

It is explicit in her character very distinctly.

It is visible in her demeanour most explicitly.

Tradition makes her look tallerexplicitly,  than everyone else totally.












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An Epitome Of Pride.

The settlement  proposal lay bare.

He was about to tear.

It had nothing to share.

It was all in all a flare.


He was shaking  and fuming.

He angrily  threw everything.

His exasperation was killing. 

The situation was totally inundating.


The cream of his inheritance had been swindled.

He was left with little to rekindle.

He did not allow its value to dwindle.

So his siblings wanted to meddle.


They came up with a compromise.

It was an edict to legalize.

It was a ploy to legitimize.

It contained nothing to epitomize.


No wonder, he shook with indignation.

Their deceit was indeed  an abomination.

Their desire was truly a profanation.

His ordeal provokes  compassion.


He grew tall in stature.

His siblings professed no feature. 

He called them faceless creatures.

Well, they have no standing in nomenclature.






















Horse Wish

A Horse-A Wish and a Recall.

It was a horse,

Tall and slender,

Agile and nimble,.

Shining and gleaming.

Lovely  to see,

Soft to touch,

Oh ! wish I could ride,

Recalled the bard’s words.

“If wishes were horses ,

Beggars would ride”