The Dark Horse.

The horse being dark
download (30)looking like a dried bark
stood tired and exhausted
by the side of the lane .

The children playing around
went in a merry-go-round
as the horse stood lonely
munching the grass  thoroughly.

It being a race horse once
now thrown away in a bounce
abandoned by its masters now
away in the wilderness under the bough.

Painful to see the dark horse unclaimed
once a stallion of pride  and well deigned
appearing like a haggard on the street
well , that is how men go about the beat.


The Race Horse.

The horse in the stable
stood agile and able
ready for the race
reckoning a fast trace
where it would attract
as a star in the tract
cheered by the spectators
encouraged by the stake holders
having bet a huge sum on her
awaiting to see her power
as she goes on the race course
starting slowly in the first   with little force
picking up gradually in the next round
racing ahead finally  with a great sound
her hoofs galloping in a trot
she getting past the  slot
emerging  finally victorious
carrying a prize money tremendous
bringing a large fortune to the owner
and a great reputation to the trainer
The horse has proved her mettle
while she  walks back to her settle.
It being  a game or a gamble
whatsoever you might call it in the preamble
the poor horse being trained and trained
having been slogged incurring deep pain
well, the poor animal  has to bow
to the great pull and force  in the go.ThoroughbredHorse-racing


Insignificant Though.

Riding high over the hills
galloping in great speed
The messenger reached the house
where he had to deliver the mail.
Knocking the door several times
he received no response
as he was about to turn around
heard a noise of releasing the latch.
Once again climbed the steps toward the door.
Saw a petite woman standing looking sick.
He handed over the mail to her
waited for her signature .
With trembling hands she signed the document.horseback
Leaving the mail on the steps
she went inside and locked the door.
The man stood astonished at her reaction.
Things insignificant as this and irrelevant to the man
as such do cause an irk and a palpitation in the mind .

Horse Wish

A Horse-A Wish and a Recall.

It was a horse,

Tall and slender,

Agile and nimble,.

Shining and gleaming.

Lovely  to see,

Soft to touch,

Oh ! wish I could ride,

Recalled the bard’s words.

“If wishes were horses ,

Beggars would ride”