Old Natham Road- A Snapshot.

The cows cross  the road
eat from the dustbin
 a healthy diet.
 The bikes speed
with more than two on the pillion
wearing no helmets.
 The buses ply up and down
 tens  hanging  on the steps
unaware of the danger.
 The cars race
to catch an appointment
a great going.
 Hawkers walk,
looking around for buyers
a selling technique.
None follow  rules
nor think of others
 that be the hub
 all through the day
a snapshot of my road
throughout the year.

Compete In The Race.

Iracet is a day as usual

with the sunrise

everything casual

nothing in a high.


It is a day regular

with the morning fever

everything in order

nothing in a deceive.


It is a day ordinary

with the simple demeanour

everything not extraordinary

nothing  of a remember.


it is a day as all days

being the first day of the year

one sets the other follows in a way

brings no fear or cheer.


Let us go through this day

as we go through all days

let us not give it an undue chase

let us compete in the race.


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All Plays

It is a gaze

watching a race

going through a maze

seen in a trace

pursued in a haze

causing a daze

suddenly it says

everything has fallen into place

that be the end of all plays.elephant-race_2095078i


The Dark Horse.

The horse being dark
download (30)looking like a dried bark
stood tired and exhausted
by the side of the lane .

The children playing around
went in a merry-go-round
as the horse stood lonely
munching the grass  thoroughly.

It being a race horse once
now thrown away in a bounce
abandoned by its masters now
away in the wilderness under the bough.

Painful to see the dark horse unclaimed
once a stallion of pride  and well deigned
appearing like a haggard on the street
well , that is how men go about the beat.


The Race Horse.

The horse in the stable
stood agile and able
ready for the race
reckoning a fast trace
where it would attract
as a star in the tract
cheered by the spectators
encouraged by the stake holders
having bet a huge sum on her
awaiting to see her power
as she goes on the race course
starting slowly in the first   with little force
picking up gradually in the next round
racing ahead finally  with a great sound
her hoofs galloping in a trot
she getting past the  slot
emerging  finally victorious
carrying a prize money tremendous
bringing a large fortune to the owner
and a great reputation to the trainer
The horse has proved her mettle
while she  walks back to her settle.
It being  a game or a gamble
whatsoever you might call it in the preamble
the poor horse being trained and trained
having been slogged incurring deep pain
well, the poor animal  has to bow
to the great pull and force  in the go.ThoroughbredHorse-racing


Stumbling Puppet.

Having been busy all through the day

felt the pain in the knee at night

gnawing and splitting in a way

unable to sleep  for an hour even slight

the pain was excruciating and  acute

lying down seemed a problem great

sitting up posed an obligation statute

what am I to do ?  I  very much hate

myself and my knee all to be pulled apart

throwing them into the dustbin  at last

before becoming a  stumbling puppet

intending to race bad knee out of the world in a start.




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The Hare And Tortoise—-A Dream Race

hareThe while little bunny
sat on his tummy
while munching
a carrot.

The tortoise lazy
moved in a glossy
surface while
in chase of a lizard..

The cute rabbit
as always his habit
thought of the old race
started to run.

The tortoise slow
as ever saw around
and crawled in its pace
with renewed confidence.

The hare ran and ran
The tortoise crawled and crawled
The winning post was little away
I waited with a beating heart.

The hare panting advanced.
The tortoise heaving approached.
Oh! it is going to be a tie
said I relieved.

It was a tie hard to decide
Awarding the honour to both
happily got out from my bed
Lo! it was all but a dream.


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It Has to be Back

It is back to the old place,

 Back to the usual pace,

Back in  the familiar space,

Back into the monotonous race.

All things have a back side,

All time has a back tide,

All levels have a back ride,

All steps have a back slide.


Going back home  is a pleasant return,

Reading back is a historical learn,

Falling back is a miserable  spurn,

Back to the original is  never a  possible turn.


A firm backing lands all in a  glamorous zone,

Backing detects in all an infirm tone,

An undue backing for  is precarious prone,

Backing also deletes  in all an individualistic  own.


Well, getting back to the prescribed text,

It is a back up of all the zest,

Restoring the faculties to the best,

Reaffirming the convictions to a test. 


It is back to the regular day,

It is back to the  formal say,

It is at times a strenuous  slay,

But it is  always an indefatigable way.