Back home

Going back home 

after a day’s long roaroam

brought me peace

shadowing me from tease

sheltering me from  sun

ushering in a lot of fun

returning found I

great comfort  in no lie.


The Return of The native.

The return of the native
to the helm of affairs
sounds strange and naive
a really uninteresting surface.

Age has gone by
Times have changed.
The solicited try
is not to be aimed.

None is above things
Let them be tall or short
Their designated sings
are money bought.

The lure for money
attracts the young and old
and the enticing is not funny
as money makes one cold and bold.

With the handsome returns
no septuagenarian would refuse
the comfortable roll outs in turns
as they could put the perks to great use.

The native comes back
with a new sojourn and chance
he gets back to the task
leaving out no bounce.return

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It Has to be Back

It is back to the old place,

 Back to the usual pace,

Back in  the familiar space,

Back into the monotonous race.

All things have a back side,

All time has a back tide,

All levels have a back ride,

All steps have a back slide.


Going back home  is a pleasant return,

Reading back is a historical learn,

Falling back is a miserable  spurn,

Back to the original is  never a  possible turn.


A firm backing lands all in a  glamorous zone,

Backing detects in all an infirm tone,

An undue backing for  is precarious prone,

Backing also deletes  in all an individualistic  own.


Well, getting back to the prescribed text,

It is a back up of all the zest,

Restoring the faculties to the best,

Reaffirming the convictions to a test. 


It is back to the regular day,

It is back to the  formal say,

It is at times a strenuous  slay,

But it is  always an indefatigable way.