Punches of kind
 the physical ones
 and the verbal assaults
cause excruciating pain.
The bodily scratches
 can be slight and unnoticeable
in physical assault.
 They disappear with time
and fade from memory.
Those that are deadly
causes a maim-
 a permanent disability
or turn fatal. A situation
where memory has no role.
The verbal  punches
 can be a tease
 with a derisive intonation
 or a venomous outpour.
The dimensions
 are impregnating.
 Callous and heinous
 they sound. The spit and spat
 kill the spirit.
An outburst:
 where emotions
play the card.
Actions Poem

The Falsities

The falsities in life are many
To quote a few in the lighter vein
I need the permission of those
who go with it out of necessity
and others who go for it for cosmetic
I also take part with them
to camouflage the original with a fake
an order to look bright and young
with lovely teeth,glossy black hair.
satin glow skin,startling figure
and shining smile with pearl white teeth.
They are consolations for those who have lost
and an added charm for those who need an enhancement.
Falsities outward are harmless and permissible
but catch ups of fraud in the mind are cantankerous
and spiteful endangering the species and the world.


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Dismantling The Experience.

Disoriented is the mind after a shock.
Disenchanted is the soul as it experiences a block.
Disheartened is the heart as it hits the rock.
Disturbed is the thought as it is subjected to a mock.
Disintegrated becomes the idealism as it stumbles into a deadlock.dishevelled
Dishevelled is the hair as the curls fall in locks.
Disfigured is the face as hurdles besiege it in a flock.
Dislocated is the disc as hurried movements enforce a knock.
Distraught is the being as every other thing takes it to an extreme stock.

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The Virtual Takes Over – An Allegory.

The gangrene  is in the foot.

It is ferociously angry .

It resembles a reddish flame.

The sore falls apart.

Blood oozes out.

It  glitters  unashamed.

It looks horrible and ugly.


Subscribing much towards an abstract gangrene.

It lies deep in the heart.

It is rudely ferocious.

It is soaked in jealousy.

It exhibits animosity.

The abscess bursts with force.

Letting out ill will and venom in one go.


The physical affliction is unbearable.

The wound heals up with care.

The mental agony dispels hope.

The extradition becomes a torture.

The body heals.

The mind suffers.

It is the non existent that truly exists.






Actions Experience fall Life mind thoughts turmoil

From Physical Setback to Mental Occlude

It was a hard stare,

Seemed the eyes would fall off,

It was a wide gape,

Seemed  the throat would  jump off,

It was a violent  sneeze,

Seemed as if the nose would rip off,

It was a rapid panting,

Seemed  the breath would ebb off,

It was a severe palpitation,

Seemed the heart would pop off,

It was a terrible seizure,

Seemed  the body would tear off,

It was a heavy swirling,

Seemed the mind would slip off,

It was a physical turmoil,

Wherein the mental got turned off.