A Bash

A dash   yonder 

doubling  enormous cash in Doublingmoneyorder

ends in crash.




Incredible it appears.
Unbelievable it sounds.
Guiding past it seems
an outrageous action
causing a flutter
in the go
settling in for a horror
in the move
that of a jaunty
momentous charge
a diabolical delivery
of words and intentions
that broke her heart
and split her soul
composed she would be
if it had been true
but it was a blatant lie
that of her leaking the
confidential process
more or less
akin to insider trading.
She being an expert in stocks
and totally trustworthy
the allegations rocked her
and in a next course
she tendered her resignation
not bothered about
her salary and status.
Her seniors then
found out that
she was not to blame
and apologised.
She stoically walked out
with not a mark
to taint her

false allegations.

Actions Poem

The Falsities

The falsities in life are many
To quote a few in the lighter vein
I need the permission of those
who go with it out of necessity
and others who go for it for cosmetic
I also take part with them
to camouflage the original with a fake
an order to look bright and young
with lovely teeth,glossy black hair.
satin glow skin,startling figure
and shining smile with pearl white teeth.
They are consolations for those who have lost
and an added charm for those who need an enhancement.
Falsities outward are harmless and permissible
but catch ups of fraud in the mind are cantankerous
and spiteful endangering the species and the world.


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A devil or an Evil

Listened to a proposal.

It was a fantastic disposal.

It had all  plus approvals.

It looked glamorously beautiful .

The proposer builds castles in air.

He is known for his empty care.

He practises nothing rare.

He is a preacher  unfair.

He plants stories false.

He does that with ease.

His mind is crowded with disease.

He is a proclaimed brat in tease.

One day he talks  of his wealth.

It is not in prime health.

The other day he rattles about his stealth.

It is his foremost breath.

He praises himself singling him as the only one.

He poses imperiously as a high done.

Calls one who is always in the run.

His pretexts draw contempt  from all but one.

He has a counterpart in his sibling.

Both go about with scheming.

Their thoughts are full of evil  crawling.

They are but leeches in the offing.

Men of such mind flourish lively.

Distracting the good from their  poise easily.

Spreading baseless  information endlessly.

Oh! tell me are they devils or wholesome evil?


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A Blow Up.

It was a blow up,

An actor  on the canvas,

Brimming with a heavy made up.



It was a blow up,

A politician  on the wall,

With a flashy roll up.



It was a blow up,

Of the episode on the streets,

With a cock and bull stories cooked up.



It was a blow up,

Of the skirmish in a family,

As  implanted tit bits  flow up.



It was a blow up,

Of the issues in economy,

As  concocted by the adversaries round-up.



It was a blow up,

Of the scams in the country,

As the fundamentals are raked up.



It was a blow up,

Of the  veracity of faith,

As non beliefs heap up.



Blow ups  visual and abstract,

Invigorate a pretext,

Estranging the real from the context.