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The Devil And The Demon.

A devil and a demon

never say amen

they cry foul

always wth a growl.

A devil and a demon

never resemble a lemon

they are dark

and usually bark.

A devil and a demon

never come in dozens

they are alone

and are ever forlorn.

A devil and a demon

live in a dungeon

they are crooked

and  are certainly wicked.

The devil and  the  demon

wear no nice garments

they smell and stink

and have an aimless blink.

You could identify them easily now

mean the devil and demon you know

found everywhere in our midst

oh!  that is the tryst.devil and demon

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A devil or an Evil

Listened to a proposal.

It was a fantastic disposal.

It had all  plus approvals.

It looked glamorously beautiful .

The proposer builds castles in air.

He is known for his empty care.

He practises nothing rare.

He is a preacher  unfair.

He plants stories false.

He does that with ease.

His mind is crowded with disease.

He is a proclaimed brat in tease.

One day he talks  of his wealth.

It is not in prime health.

The other day he rattles about his stealth.

It is his foremost breath.

He praises himself singling him as the only one.

He poses imperiously as a high done.

Calls one who is always in the run.

His pretexts draw contempt  from all but one.

He has a counterpart in his sibling.

Both go about with scheming.

Their thoughts are full of evil  crawling.

They are but leeches in the offing.

Men of such mind flourish lively.

Distracting the good from their  poise easily.

Spreading baseless  information endlessly.

Oh! tell me are they devils or wholesome evil?