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The Devil And The Demon.

A devil and a demon

never say amen

they cry foul

always wth a growl.

A devil and a demon

never resemble a lemon

they are dark

and usually bark.

A devil and a demon

never come in dozens

they are alone

and are ever forlorn.

A devil and a demon

live in a dungeon

they are crooked

and  are certainly wicked.

The devil and  the  demon

wear no nice garments

they smell and stink

and have an aimless blink.

You could identify them easily now

mean the devil and demon you know

found everywhere in our midst

oh!  that is the tryst.devil and demon

devil evil Poetry

Evil Devil

He personifies evil
an embodiment of all evils
a pronounced devilevil devil second

destiny evil Poem

Evil Begets Evil

I had seen many things in life
I had seen good things to an extent
bad things exceed in number and strength
I am being relative though
good things correspond to kindness on whole
the kinder you are the nobler you be
kindness is awesome without any dole
bad things take me beyond the norms
evil be the only word I could find to denote
decries and howls at you with a fierceness
supersedes you in no time without a note
you become a victim and a player in oneness
a vulnerability settles with a strangeness
the little good you have disappears
you become evil, think evil and talk evil
that be the destiny of badness
possessed they are of evil in darknessevil begets evil.