The Fault.

The fault is in me
had been quiet all time
respond I did not
reply I did not
Silence was my way
smile did I
ignore did I
finally laughed did I
at the ignorance
which was ignominious
at the behaviour
greatly contemptuous .
Is it a fault to be so?
You have to tell me in slow.fault



That be justice
verdict pronounced without any entice
nor with lies.justice


The day That Is

The day turns out to be one of vain

as people go bragging for gain

going by the words  not true

standing out for things that grew

on a soil  laden by lies

as these lies get ahead in tries

bringing  fortunes to those

who  like to reap in a chose

with benefits much and great

that make them rich and powerful images (42)

as wealth brings fame too

a comfort that none other could buy

that  would last until one dies







Truth And Lies.

Truth is bitter and sour.

Speaking it needs power.

Talking straight is never

a habit in the cover

demanding  sincerity ever


Lies come in  a clamour

Facilitating them with glamour

has become a passionate amour

bringing with it an exercise of grammar

elaborating with feign demeanour


Truth is slow  and is a struggle

With an initial setback and  bungle

it falters in every possible juggle

then gets ahead deliberately in a snuggle

never pushing in a through a smuggle.


Lies are quick and shining

coming in tens and hundreds in teasing

as one lie leads to another in piling

setting the  stage for rigging

culminating in an illicit trafficking.


With that lies being an easy format

men chose to go by that stat

gaining in terms in no mean brattruth and lies

while truth is no mean  doormat

fighting   a very difficult combat.


As such the eventual lies live short

with ostentation and glory bought

but with truth being caught

by jugglery and manipulation of sort

has a life long-standing above all thoughts.















Eyes Tell Us.

Looking into one’s eyes
with a straight gaze
gets into the lies
if there is any base
telling more of the ties
with a firm trace
evolving into a try
knowing more in a quick
entering into a buy
finally seeing through the trick
thus concluding it is a blatant lie.


A Story In a Cobweb.

Telling stories has been his practice long.
Telling them with twists and turns are his belong
Morning he gives one narration wit the turn
and the evening sets the turn into a twist
making the listener to hold in suspense
till the next morning when there is yet another swirl.
The receiver has no other chance but to hear
the stories with a daze and a freeze.
Mystery would play a second fiddle to his technique
as he goes on building lies after lies
in quick succession mesmerizing the listener
and he himself loses track of his scroll
as the multitude of lies come like a swarm of bees
besieging the audience and the narrator one at the same time.
The story hastwists and turns. no start and end proper
as it is entwined over a net improper
it is a cobweb of lies atranger than fiction
and very difficult to clean up the intensity
with which they intricately spin in a bobbin
creating a story of irrelevance.



Lies shoot up
from unknown corners and stones
at unexpected moment.

Lies come together
in multitudes one after another
dramatizing the whole.

Lies are evil
not dignified and totally unpardonable
a quality debased. lies



Incredible it appears.
Unbelievable it sounds.
Guiding past it seems
an outrageous action
causing a flutter
in the go
settling in for a horror
in the move
that of a jaunty
momentous charge
a diabolical delivery
of words and intentions
that broke her heart
and split her soul
composed she would be
if it had been true
but it was a blatant lie
that of her leaking the
confidential process
more or less
akin to insider trading.
She being an expert in stocks
and totally trustworthy
the allegations rocked her
and in a next course
she tendered her resignation
not bothered about
her salary and status.
Her seniors then
found out that
she was not to blame
and apologised.
She stoically walked out
with not a mark
to taint her

false allegations.


Vulnerable She Is

Vulnerable she is to tempers.
A quick hit enrages her
A sharp remark ignites her..

She throws things out
once she dislikes the way
they are brought in.

Lies straight to the face
make her jump and prowl
forcing a distance.

Acts to pretend
as good souls
cause a vehemence.

Taking off things
illegitimately and in stealth
infuriates her

Wherever she goes
she sits in a place offered
not a wee beyond she moves.

Whatever they give
she accepts with a smile
demanding nothing more.

Expecting the same
she gets disappointed
as none do likewise.

Knowing her vulnerability
the kith manipulate
forecasting a celebration
SheI remains unfolded.
She cannot fold
to pranks and truancy. vulnerable


Making Hay.

The business of others
is theirs and theirs alone.
Poking into others affairs
is an unwelcome trend
but of late getting gleam
Talking about others
adding fringes
in the manner of lies
curtailing truth
by removing the bytes
making the story’
attractive and credible
has become the
business of most.
Let such tribes
flourish and go ahead
as they are the ones
who make hay while
the sun shines.
Make hay.