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The Fault

The fault lies not in me
says he with a glee
why does he profess happiness?
what for he is so tense?
if the fault is not is
let go off in a wish
no harm to him at any cost
a smart way out on the world
is to keep up the word
that be the way of life
as a word is one of honour
if not for reasons best known
not able to fulfill the promise as sworn
tender an apology with a serious concern
that would be a pretty not my fault


The Fault.

The fault is in me
had been quiet all time
respond I did not
reply I did not
Silence was my way
smile did I
ignore did I
finally laughed did I
at the ignorance
which was ignominious
at the behaviour
greatly contemptuous .
Is it a fault to be so?
You have to tell me in slow.fault



Clipping the tail
more precisely the feathers
go with a restriction
that impose a fail.

Clipping the hair
more so for fashion
make one look at random
a different entity altogether.

Clipping the eyebrows
to looks like an arch
is done for highlighting
that turns out to be fun.

Clipping at the bud
promotes a growth fast they say
in reality it is an attempt
that twists the natural.

All said and done
clipping is not natural
but an enforcement artificial
that hurts the truthclipping.


Finding Fault

Finding fault  is his way
that has been all the days
whether it be necessary
whether it be derisive
he goes on pin pointing
with not declining
anything  in  the role
looking through a hole
which shows only demerits
he gives all less credits
telling that it is his right
talking images (35)to the face straight
making others quiver in anger
he rants out with allegations danger
that at times jumps beyond and over
causing a malicious feel  and lowers
the respect one bores for him all over.


Flaws And Laws.

The flaws take the toll

as if there is nothing else in whole.

Finding faults be the criteria

as if there is no good in the arena .

Detesting the colour black

as if it is something untouchable.

Scorning on short stature

as if  they are a different creature.

Deriding those who are tall

as if they are going to fall.

Mocking   at fattyimages (17)

as if it is an inability .

Teasing those who are lean

as if they are not keen.

Let go the blunt nose

protruding teeth and forehead

along with little eyes calling for a jeer

Oh! let me tell you

how many defects go unseen

how much  is shadowed  and camouflaged

let we go with that  are  fine and wonderful

as  everyone born have their  merits great.




Accepting Responsibility.

Citing many reasons for his failure
he came out with a flimsy reason
ascribing to his unsuccessful bids.
That may be true to the very word
but sounded totally foolish
Hresponsibilityad he been little more focused
he would have won it with great merit.
Simply saying that it has escaped his attention
does not hold water as the loss is enormous.
He always throws the towels in despondency
never subscribing to the defect openly.
Telling this and that for the fall off
has been his way of life in the course of years.
Never wanted to learn a lesson from mistakes
but always wishes to get the best of other’s efforts.
The character of him has been of great distress
as he is known for his slips and faults.



There are ways to find fault.
Going through in a slot.
Peeping through a hole.
Seeing through the whole.
Getting across in a hurry..
Passing comments without worry.
Hurting the person in grades.
Injuring the mind in shades.
Faults do abound when seen through lens.
They do disown when allowing a sense.
There is no absolute perfection in any.
If viewed faultwith discriminations many.


Show Me

Distractions are many
out of all the deviations
finding fault is delightedly worst..

Faults do appear here and there
in writing and in reciting
meaning none are faultless.

Show me a writer
who misses not a spelling
or a grammatical tense

Show me a cook
who misses not adding salt
or sugar in the right proportion .

Show me a driver
who misses not a signal
or turn in his driving.

Show me an accountant
who misses not in his addition
or percentage while accounting.

Show me I cry with anger
telling the one
who found fault.

Read through and enjoy
the script or writing
and be a critic healthy.

This is what is demanded
and what is expected
do not dig the graves any more..faultless

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The World Is Like That.

Pointing a finger at others is easy.

Blaming others for failures is very easy.

Shifting the responsibility is damn easy.

Accepting the mistake is never too easy.


Not everyone admits so earnestly.

Not everyone  appreciates so  swiftly.

Not everyone  behaves so finely.

As everyone feels high incredibly.


Failure is found almost  everywhere.

Mistakes are common everywhere.

Realisation is seen somewhere.

Retribution is not visible anywhere.


Thus life moves on with an uncertainty.

It has to move though diffidently.

Whatever is destined to happen will happen definitely.

So  we have to settle the scores rather  dolefully.









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A Mistake

It was a little while ago,

 Just  a  few months before,

There  happened a  mistake slow,

Which took away  the spirit   ashore,

Subduing the  wish to a low.



Never did I foresee such a turn out,

Never did I  think I will undergo,

Never did  I experience such a fall out,

It was  too much a shock to let go,

It was altogether a trauma  throughout.



Gathering the inputs in a row,

Reconciling the incidents in a course,

Going back  to the day one in a throw,

There   seems   a mental fatigue   in force,

A lay back of inspiration is in show.





Nothing untoward  is in the  midst

Nothing  indifferent  is in the vicinity,

Nothing irrational   is in the list,

Everything is   a compilation of sincerity,

Everything is a  distortion of unexpected twist.


The disturbance is totally  transitory,

It will  die down with time,

As there lies a lot in the repository,

Which will spurt out with a chime,

By rendering a  follow up  contributory