Flaws And Laws.

The flaws take the toll

as if there is nothing else in whole.

Finding faults be the criteria

as if there is no good in the arena .

Detesting the colour black

as if it is something untouchable.

Scorning on short stature

as if  they are a different creature.

Deriding those who are tall

as if they are going to fall.

Mocking   at fattyimages (17)

as if it is an inability .

Teasing those who are lean

as if they are not keen.

Let go the blunt nose

protruding teeth and forehead

along with little eyes calling for a jeer

Oh! let me tell you

how many defects go unseen

how much  is shadowed  and camouflaged

let we go with that  are  fine and wonderful

as  everyone born have their  merits great.




Talk Without value

Speaking in a hoarse voice
talking about his leader
overstating the qualifications
equating him with great
calling him gigantic
as an elephant
comparing him to lion
for his imperiousness
addressing him a tiger
known for bravery
he goes on and on
uttering sweet nothing
which actually had
nothing of merit
and none to give credit.