The Voice Over The Years.

voice breakA revival of the past

the way I sang  once

recollected fast

several decades hence

the voice in a mellifluous swing

reached the  notations high

came down to the base as a spring

now it strains to  go up in the fly

remains stuck between the wings

cracks and creaks almost

breaks and filters in a  post

yet I sing in a closed space

afraid of being teased in the open

the music in me finds its place

as I sing in  the privacy chosen.


A Voice For Poetry

Everything said there be a point

that needs the best  follow-up

discreetly left from notice

that kept haunting me all over

prompted by many to speak it out

kept quiet all time  in silence

watching the happenings in rapt  attention

surprised to see  the  hub and the excitement

being the need of hour is not that

but a serious consideration of what to be added

each one shouting  with fervour

wanting to be heard in the milieu

letting off the vital and the realism

that confounds the topic in discussion

with that I stood up

and in my usual soft yet stern voice

that which should be includes is not

what all of you are crying foul

it is poetry that should get the priority

as it being a voice of the most creative person

coming out with a speed and spur

putting out in style the mechanism

that would seem to lack interest

if not for this vehicle.




The Cries- Haiku.

The child cries
Knowing not what to do
mother cries too.

Both crying aloud
at top of their voice
throats gecrying-babyt stuck.

With broken voice
both could not cry more
They keep quiet

Their voice lost
both fall asleep in exertion
The cries cease


Talk Without value

Speaking in a hoarse voice
talking about his leader
overstating the qualifications
equating him with great
calling him gigantic
as an elephant
comparing him to lion
for his imperiousness
addressing him a tiger
known for bravery
he goes on and on
uttering sweet nothing
which actually had
nothing of merit
and none to give credit.

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Time To laugh

Take time to laugh.

Laugh at yourself enough.

Laugh at your struggles tough.

Laugh at  your experiences rough.

Laugh at your foibles muff.

Laugh at your  own voice gruff.

Laugh at your wordy bluff.

Laugh at your smooth sailing surf.

Laugh at your  cosy turf

Laugh at everything in a huff.

It is time to laugh and laugh.



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The Thunder

 So much so the clouds were gathering ,

 So much so the sun was descending,

 So much so the dusk was slowly setting,

So much so there  was an eye tearing lightning,

Followed by a thunder deafening.



Many a heart  jumped  out in apprehension,

Many a voice  got stifled with emotions,

Many an ear lost the power of attention,

Many a gadget  was snapped  of its connections,

Many a hut  caught fire in the commotion,

As the thunder thundered  in terrific motion.


LIttle do we pay heed to Nature’s fury,

Little do we  respect Nature’s cosy,

Little do we acclaim Nature’s glory,

Little do we endorse Nature’s theory,

Little do we read  Nature’s  story,

Un mindful   we carry on with our selfish  booty.