Over To The Past

Deliberating while sitting at home
thinking of the past happenings
the way of life that had gone by
the years that have passed over
kept me occupied in the morning.
The days that had fled bore experiences
reflecting the struggle that had been borne
halting over the bitterness that had gone
how all these had to come to an end
after inflicting volumes of injury and hurt
Those days have passed leaving an indelible mark
that remains in the heart permanently.deliberating
It looks as though it is concealed deep down
but is found obviously in the body and face
which did not endure any mishap whatsoever
but had undergone the stress and anguish.


A Consolation

Having lived all these years
with experiences both costly and dear
passed on the days with mirth and cheer
dotted with mock and jeer
spotted with sadness and strainimage 18
the heart bearing the pain.
Am not alone in this world
but so many others live in this world
with stock and pile of feelings
both good and bad dealings
come in successive retinue
standing in a long queue.
The consolation of not being alone
wis enough to induce a quick tone
of equanimity and juxtaposition
leading to a lively resolution.

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Time To laugh

Take time to laugh.

Laugh at yourself enough.

Laugh at your struggles tough.

Laugh at  your experiences rough.

Laugh at your foibles muff.

Laugh at your  own voice gruff.

Laugh at your wordy bluff.

Laugh at your smooth sailing surf.

Laugh at your  cosy turf

Laugh at everything in a huff.

It is time to laugh and laugh.