An Unfaithful Lover.

A lot more could be said

silenced by the consequences

she goes away from the limelight

for reasons best known to her

a saddened heart be all for a cause.


Tossed and torn by love

she lost her grace, on the whole

her charm has waned

she looks a grief struck and bitten

by the destiny’s cruel hands.


The love she bore for a man

was well accepted in the beginning

later it turned into a faithless one

his eyes all set on her money

which stood beyond billions.


She gave him liberally at first

censored as she smelt of an unfaithfulness

which provoked him to the most

unkind he turned at once

sadistic and selfish all in one.


She cut her ties with him

could be the physical one

done so easily and smoothly

while her agony tormented her for long

being one of the mind and heart.



The Head Splits.

Holding the head for a while
as it ached with such a sting
not I mean the real head ache
but the agony that split it
Felt, as though the brain
pushing from all corners
trying to get out with force
made me dizzy for a duration.
The blood flow rushed up and down
through the adrenaline in velocity
causing undue pressure and strain
while I could hear the heart palpitate
with not equal intervals as normally
but with frequency bringing in a setback
that pushed me to become half dead
and dead I lay there for quite some time
knowing not what to do and what not to do.holding head


Over To The Past

Deliberating while sitting at home
thinking of the past happenings
the way of life that had gone by
the years that have passed over
kept me occupied in the morning.
The days that had fled bore experiences
reflecting the struggle that had been borne
halting over the bitterness that had gone
how all these had to come to an end
after inflicting volumes of injury and hurt
Those days have passed leaving an indelible mark
that remains in the heart permanently.deliberating
It looks as though it is concealed deep down
but is found obviously in the body and face
which did not endure any mishap whatsoever
but had undergone the stress and anguish.


The Girl in Distress.

Life is a tale she says
Life is a call she feels
Life is a burden as she experiences.
Life is nothing she throws up.

It is agonising to see her.
as she throws up her towels
fuming and frothing over and over
desperately shuddering in anger.

A setback has seized her with fear.
Coming out is a task a long one
Time is the best healer as all know.
She has to come out however hard it be.

Knowing her for long from childhood
has put me in deep distress now.
As a child she was a go lucky girl
but now she is in great stress.

She bites her lips to control herself.
Blood oozes out drop by drop.
I leave her to herself for quite some time
as solitude would pacify her distressed-girl

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A Feverish Talk

It was a feverish talk.

It depicted a mental block.

The anger was beyond the stock.

The expressions were hideously  cocked.

It went on and on  for hours through the clock.


It was hard to listen to the verbal shout.

It was  sheer agony to hear the slanderous sort.

Impatience triggered  a mental beset.

Caution  took the bestof times  as to not to be caught.

There was a struggle in between the slot.

The annoyance was a result of an unhealthy clot.


The swearing and cursing were unbearable.

The sobbing and whimpering were intolerable.

The incessant calling was really a strain incorrigible.

An intention to bang the telephone became irresistible.

Well it was a frightful exercise all throughout the day’s table.







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The Great Wall

Walls play a vital role,

Across the countries ,

Around the houses too.



The Great Wall of China is ancient,

It is a fortification against  invasion,

Really it is a wonderful monument.


The Great Wall divides Berlin.,

A physical division of east and west,

But it is a symbolic boundary of Democracy and Communism.


Walls divide and  earmark the borders

An apparent way to limit the rightful ownership,

If not extensions would become encroachments.


Walls have other functions too,

Mental blocks build an imaginary wall,

Breaking the conducive interactions.


It is easy to bring down the brick walls,

A blow shatters them to a collapse,

Leaving the space unhindered.


It is a travail to shed the minds  abstractions,

A trigger is enough to ignite the fury,

Evolving a unceremonious flutter.


The Chinese Wall is one of the seven wonders,

The Berlin Wall has been pulled down,

The agony builds stern walls that remain forever.