The Wiping Of Tears

The drama which men put up

 not on the stage , I mean

 but in real life , I indicate

 without rehearsals and  demonstrations

 that comes naturally in the flow 

enacted with such speciality in the wing

taking  not much attention to perform

doing it all by the wink of the eye

 tracing the feelings to the full

 crying with feelings and  shedding tearswiping of tears

 breaking down and wiping the eyes

 sobbing and whimpering all the more

exclaiming  with a surprise

 amazing it looks to see them do 

 going by the apparent it is deadly pathetic

 getting into the depth realise a drama

 where there is no truth

being there no place for pathos

 it being all a melodrama  in the go.



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Mother’s Entry

The little one was crying.
Was it for milk or anything else ?
Kept me wondering.
His cry slowly become a sob.
Was it for milk or anything else?
made me worrying.
It gradually gave way to a whimper.
Was it for milk or anything else?
I started thinking.
The whimper became a whining
Was it for milk or anything else?
The apprehension kept me on tip toe
as the mother walked in softly in a tip toe.
The baby’s whine became a smile in no time

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A Feverish Talk

It was a feverish talk.

It depicted a mental block.

The anger was beyond the stock.

The expressions were hideously  cocked.

It went on and on  for hours through the clock.


It was hard to listen to the verbal shout.

It was  sheer agony to hear the slanderous sort.

Impatience triggered  a mental beset.

Caution  took the bestof times  as to not to be caught.

There was a struggle in between the slot.

The annoyance was a result of an unhealthy clot.


The swearing and cursing were unbearable.

The sobbing and whimpering were intolerable.

The incessant calling was really a strain incorrigible.

An intention to bang the telephone became irresistible.

Well it was a frightful exercise all throughout the day’s table.