Nice To Know.

Nice to know

that what had  been predicted

has  come true.


Nice to know

the harm he had inflicted

now affects him


Nice to know

the  excruciating pain he caused

now circles him.



The Pain As Felt

The pain in the body

the pain in the mind

the pain felt whatsoever

could be an abstract  feel

a forget of the pain  all the more

engaging in deals furthermore

would assuage the hurt

thinking else would mitigate

both the physical and the mental

like a write, a read, a calculation

a browse and a conversation

let that be the way to lessen

rather than the medical subjugation

bring in more misery than anything.





collapse. Poetry unbearable

Pain Is Abstract.

Pain is abstract.
To me,pain kills it is intact.
be it in the physic
it keeps brusque
be it in the mind
it ties you in a kind.

Pain is disabling
it pulls you invariably
your body gives way possibly
so does the mind instantly
a collapse is there unresistingly.
death could be the end instantaneously.

Pain is unbearable
with the tag unable
a kill and a gnaw
holds you in a claw
writhing in pain you fall
no one would attend your call.

Pain to me is never abstract
it does exist in fact
closes with a folded hands
never relaxes the band
it stifles you all the way through
that be the pain in true


I Sit There For Long.

The fall I met with
not one of great
it be a physical
broke my leg
not actually in sense
a misstep caused the havoc
hurt in the knees
sprain or fracture
do not I know
pain turns sharp
sit there with tears.where to complain?
i sit with tears
my mother gone for long
my father also flew before her
my husband would be shocked
with the sons all far away
I sit with tears without a move
I sit there for long.


A Stain

it is a tough stain
has remained
now has gained
has become a strong taint
no more easy to drain
as it has not a pretext feign
it is but a plain
indelible mark that even rain
cannot diffuse it without pain
if that be the status of a stain
that is outward on main
what would be the case of inward drain
that would be an effort vain.


A Pain They Say

A pain in the heart
a hear attack they say
I feel it is sadness in all ways
a grievance oppressing the heart.

A pain in the head
a migraine they call
I suspect it is melancholy in fall
unbearable to the head.

A pain elsewhere
be it in other parts of the body
might be due to disease in shoddy
to me it is an outcome of grief.

The mind is the culprit.
The heart is the target .
The thought circumscribes through the bet.
Circumvents the whole being in a pit.

Thus goes all the ailment.
Physical it might look outward
the mental causes thepain drain inward
cross and clash do they in a fulfillment.


Pain Is Abstract.

Pain is  always abstract 

but to me they are intact

the crucial pain in the knee

has robbed my glee

making me desperate

wanting to separate

the knee from my body physical

though it remains inimical

hard to not feel the startle

as it in a way crackles

there evolving a sound

when you walk around

a sudden wriggle and  twist

lends a  struggle and tryst

forcing a  frown

with a paintumble-down

managing the fall

getting up in all

finding not the reason

why people say in all season

that pain is abstract

which is not in fact.








A Block

A  block anywhere

found in heart or  in drain

causes unbearable pain download (20)


She Be An Embodiment

With the aching mind

and still more aching leg

with the splitting head

and a still more splitting heart burn

with an excruciating throat pain

and a still  more excruciating  stomach ache

with a nagging back pain

and a still  more nagging eye infection

she goes about with a lot of cheer

and with still more service mindedness.

A noble soul she is in real

being an embodiment of embodimentbenevolence.


Real Intrigue.

Crying before one feels the pain crying
swallowing pills before one falls ill
eating food thinking another might eat it
going to court before any violation,
holding the money of another feeling he owes you
are all prevention and preemption one might argue
but are real treason in the real intrigue.