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Away in Mind and Spirit.

I lose track of the incidents

what happens I do not know?

much takes place without my knowledge


I am in  the dark  most times

not aware of the recent developments

much takes place in my absence.


I am being left out  as often

not abreast of the details in full

kept away from the  progress.


I am away from the rest

both in mind and in the body

absolutely  distanced  from the show.


Could that be  a bane or a boon?

I really do not know as such

I am away in body and in spirit as much.


I make a repeat intentionally

as of being away all the more

am in peace all through .





A Thought Nags

A strange thought crosses my mind

the reason could not fall into any find

could it be a worry of a kind?


I forget myself when the thought crosses

as often it could it eludes all causes.

could I locate it after a pause?


It haunts me as always and forever so

I stay aghast for a while not in a show

could it extend a great blow?


I am worried all the most

I feel the thought is forced

Could I  be better off in its  close ?







Heat Beyond.

My clothes stick

soaked they are in  sweat

an uneasy feel.


Throat stuck out

thirsty and desolate in all

an uneasy feel.


Eyes shed tears

irritated and red in all

an uneasy feel.


Skin becomes dry

withered and cracked in all

an uneasy feel.


Mind is dull

dizzy and desperate in all

an uneasy feel.





A Fearless Mind.

A fearless mind

is all one wants

a fearing mind

is the one no one wants.


A brave soul

could create an impact

a timid soul

would cause a detract.



Courage is the need

go with anything in  a dare

Cowardice is  a deed

a go with it lets you bare.


Do or die be the bell

a decision now or never

do not withdraw into the shell

face at all times with moves clever.




The Mind ——–In A Flutter.

“Mind” is the first word

comes up through the wind

the alphabet “M” haunts me

might be my name starts with it

the mind cam make  a hell out of heaven

and a heaven out of hell

rings in my mind all throughout

what an analogue it is

the way you feel you react

the way you feel you express

the way you see you approve

the way you count it multiplies

well, it is the mind that projects

comes into the fore with a force

a travel down the lane

brigs in a lot of memories

a fund of reflections

all sign up now and at once

the mind bears

the happiness with a smile

the grief with tears

the shock with an  alarm

the fear with an apprehension

yet it tides over the good and bad

resumes its equanimity  no sooner

being its strength all the way

mind,accompanies you with a flourish

never rejects you with a tarnish

pray to have a strong mind

a lively vigour and a firm belief.mind in a flutter

A Battle

It is a battle

causes a big rattle

noise emanates loud

fumes go above the cloud

confusion is all around

what could be in the surround?

a  disturbance all in the turmoil

presents one  to recoil

yet the turbulence rocks

result in a block

that of the mind and the physic

strangle all to  specifics

of  great and small

could lead to a fall.a battle