Heat Beyond.

My clothes stick

soaked they are in  sweat

an uneasy feel.


Throat stuck out

thirsty and desolate in all

an uneasy feel.


Eyes shed tears

irritated and red in all

an uneasy feel.


Skin becomes dry

withered and cracked in all

an uneasy feel.


Mind is dull

dizzy and desperate in all

an uneasy feel.






Hung The Clothes

Hung the clothes for drying

the suns rays came  penetrating

I could stand no more

just put them in four

rushed inside as quickly

went out after an hour  shortly

the clothes all in four

have dried up to the core

that being the strength  of the sun

to live in this  place  is not fun

calls for an unimaginable endurance

should be driven by a perseverance.01-green-project



The Yards Do Create

Hanging up the clothes in the backyard

she heard the gossip that went round the court-yard

one talking about the other who was absent

building up stories of her without any sense

unable to hear further more as all were lies

she went to the front in a fly

while the court-yard resonated with meaningless talks

she decided all of a sudden to go for a walk

away in the fields wherein the drying yard  that lay ahead

she saw birds  flocking and birds  gatheringputting their heads

curious to know what it was fearing not to chase

she noiselessly went to the  place

well there she saw a bird lying in a pool of blood

while the other birds were fondling her with the head

Struck  by the situation at home and here

she walked past feeling ashamed to be there..




Actions Poem

The Play Of Rain

NHang-dryot knowing when the rains would come
hung the clothes to dry in the sun shine
As had no work went to sleep in the bedroom
I slept like a log and the time was nine.

I got up after I heard the calling bell.
Drawing the curtains found to my dismay
that it had been raining like hell.
I ran towards the yard in an array..

The clothes were soaked in water.
Took them and placed them in the dryer.
After wrenching every drop of water
hung them once again in the open yard near the foyer.

The sun had come out fully and shining.
As there was no sign of rain anymore
went out with my friend who had come calling.
Spent some time with her in a shop called Baltimore

Spending a few hours with her made my way home.
Lo! the rain clouds were again gathering fast
chiding myself I hurried back home
hoping to reach home before the rains start

I had been a few minutes late and the rains had come.
This time it was a thrash and a torrence.
My clothes were once again drenched wholesome
forcing me again to carry the work in all reverence.