The Fruit Inside Craves.

The skin of a fruit is lush

looks beautiful when fresh

the skin turns a sag

seems awkward in tag

yet the fruit inside craves.


Easy to peel a trousseau  crinkled

the loose ends that hold the wrinkles

fall out as the snow flakes

none would wish to go in for a take

yet the fruit inside craves


The fresh one has a robe tight

gives a nice opposition in fight

hard to peel them

any one would hold it as a gem

yet the fruit inside craves.


That be the plunge in  all

be it a fruit or any in a call

the wealth, the power and  the glitch

would  deliberately demand a pitch

yet the fruit inside craves.


It  could be seen in a  semblance

the one out for deliverance

would be an one of the infinite

could be nothing of the definite

as the truth inside










Heat Beyond.

My clothes stick

soaked they are in  sweat

an uneasy feel.


Throat stuck out

thirsty and desolate in all

an uneasy feel.


Eyes shed tears

irritated and red in all

an uneasy feel.


Skin becomes dry

withered and cracked in all

an uneasy feel.


Mind is dull

dizzy and desperate in all

an uneasy feel.






The Sensory Organs.

The eyes glow
the nose blows
the eyes shed tears
that be in the form of water
the nose leaks
that be in the mode of water
the eyes flutter in a speed
the nose sneezes with a velocity
both keep on their schedule
the eyes catch a glimpse
the nose smells an aroma
the eyes have sights long and short
the nose gets loaded with cold
there be a motion altogether
the sensory organs nose and eyes together
boss over the rest with an authority
the tongue, ears and skin follow meekly behind
while the brain watches the five with glee
as all look up to its instructions with a plea.5 sensory organs


The Skin Over You

Skin tells your story 

a read tells me so

that took me by surprise

as I read it by chance.


Being  your personal medical practitioner

skin having been with you all time

growing old with you too

knowing what goes within you.



A discoloration in your face

be the forehead , cheeks, nose

it tells you in its own way

there be a deficiency around.


The wrinkles and lines

you see not only in your face

that which we pa attention

but also elsewhere is indicative.


They say that there is a mishap

a great break down is somewhere

have to peruse the article  deeply

ascertaining the areas oaging-causes-dark-circlesf drawbacks .


it gave me a lively read

that which tells us what we need

as we could get things alright

if we  keenly get through.


This being a revelation

wanted to share it to all

so I come in the morning

to be with you all in timing.