Away in Mind and Spirit.

I lose track of the incidents

what happens I do not know?

much takes place without my knowledge


I am in  the dark  most times

not aware of the recent developments

much takes place in my absence.


I am being left out  as often

not abreast of the details in full

kept away from the  progress.


I am away from the rest

both in mind and in the body

absolutely  distanced  from the show.


Could that be  a bane or a boon?

I really do not know as such

I am away in body and in spirit as much.


I make a repeat intentionally

as of being away all the more

am in peace all through .






A Home Away From Home.

A home away from home

could become  a second home

never could the first

be replaced at the best.


Having to live in such a way

she spends part of her days

being at home for months few

at the second one in a due.


The homes throw warmth

one being bearable  and calm

the other  extends a swelter

hot and scorching rather.


Being blessed to live in countries hot

could it be a blessing or a curse in short

never in a place cool and pleasant

well, that is her  fortune in a sense.



Dual sims in mobiles they say

an easy catch in a way

similar be  not the dual   stay

neither here nor there in a way.


It was once exciting and  interesting

now has turned sour and disgusting

the bags are on the shoulders always

know not how to throw them out in  a way.


The earth’s rotation on its own axis

takes about twenty four hours in practice

it goes on without a sulk  or a discontent

an endurance with an enormous content.


Learn to be like the earth  in activities

not being distracted by its own gravity

such a way do your duty as you ought to

never lose track of your denominations  unto.home away from home







Dare You Drive me Out

Dare you drive me out

dare you shun me always

dare you curse me all through

dare you not do any of those

I am rain all the more

the life giver at the best

nothing could happen without me

none would grow or live  without me

I am the best source of life

quoth water with pride

I spoke rather in modest tone

none can deny your value

one cannot accuse you of anything

except the way you flood

carry away with you whatever you touch

be it a child, an adult, an old man,

be it a dog, cat, snake or lizard

you take with you in such speed

they swoon and succumb to  your force

mercilessly you scoop and toss them

could be an end to those lives

snatched away by your away



It Is Away

It is away
the mind is far away
into the wave.

Into the wave
the mind gets into the wave
though far away.

Though far away
the mind distances from away
passing through the wave.


Little Away from The World.

A little away from the world 

 a  small distance from the people

 a  break from the relations 

a flight from the friends 

 has been a lovely status 

keeps the peace  in mind

 the mind is at rest 

 the physic is in the flow

thoughts run not slow 

 there transcends a  bliss 

 know not how to explain.

away from the world


Great Is His Verse.

Know a poet 

who lived in a land

not known to many

being a small hamlet

with no amenities

say that be modern

living in a big house

traditional and big

built amongst nature’s bounty

with trees and plants around

living all by himself

with a few sincere friends about

ate when he liked

slept when he wished

not governed by time

passing hs days

looking at the beautiful sky

and cherishing every moment of it

that got transcribed in his verse

sustaining the vigour and trance

that he experienced all through his life

Great be his likes

Great is hamlet his verse

pure and clear

like the sky

he sees all through.


Near Yet Away.

Sitting  in the middle of the crowd

listening  not with attention to people talking loud

has become my pastime from days long ago.


Being part of the crowd  is  involuntary

as having to attend functions is  compulsory

has been my way of life  from days long ago.


Talks keep me in wonder and  terror

as I follow them from yonder

that  holds no fundamentals  from days long ago.


Amazed at the irrelevance and biting reference

I remain scary  of the concluding inference

which  incites  the hearer from days long ago.


Being in the middle and at the same time away

Not being a part of it with thoughts nestling away

has been my procedure all through the days.


Sounding odd and different I go about

with people calling me proud

enduring their mock  I carry on undisturbed.marriages







Turn Away.

Being a hard nut to crack
he goes turn-away-from-me-john-phelanon his way
living as he wishes
not tagging with anyone
away from society absolutely
very much away from habitation.

Well, the cause might be great
it should have a validity
as it is difficult to get on so
The reason might look trivial to others
but to him it has tremendous impact
granting a bitterness and a distaste.

He has had his trials in life
He got injured and hurt.
he was taunted and mocked
subjected to derision and defamation
leading him to retreat into forlorn
living all by himself in a cocoon.

A tooth for a tooth striking at once
and an eye for an eye dreading all through
has been not his way of life all along.
Shunning them from vision totally
and not seeing them anywhere anymore
gives comfort and solace to the injured soul.

break retreat thoughts

Away a Little While

It is a retreat  far away,

In  a tail end  bay,

Away  from  familiar faces,

Away from known places,

Away from stressful tedium,

Away from   garrulous medium,

Away only for  a little while .

subscriptions thoughts

Tweet ,Caw,Hoot

Noises kept us alert before,

Now they drive us ashore,

Long ago noises set the tune  of the day ,

Today  they spoil the tone of the say.

A chirping tweet at the dawn,

Heralds a classic treat  in the morn,

With the sun’s rays streaking through the barn,

Sparrows, Pigeons , and parrots munch the corn.

As the day gets ahead  in time

The clock  strikes the noon chime,

The sun   is exactly at 90 degrees mime,

As the crows caw in an unholy rhyme.

The fall of the day follows  with ease,

Darkness engulfs as a   sticky grease,

The sun  gracefully sinks to a freeze,

As the owl’s hoot  eliminating peace.

No such noise is heard   today,

It is the honk, creak ,bang all the way,

That holds us in a mechanical sway,

Throwing us as minions into the bay.