A Quixotic Critique

Seen so many places in a short while

each one not different in style

the wish to see more lingers

we go to lands with an eager

with a hope to find more  and more

way of attractions and culture.

Lo!end up with nothing great

the perceptions are at any rate

the most similar in outlook

except for a few nooks

be that of the colour of the race

the languages spoken in a trace

the activities resemble one another

either it is in this pole or the other

the transformation is not so marked

the distinction never reaches the target

yet, I could not quell my thirst

as I undertake tours in jest

finally end up with a fatigue

that is me a quixotic critique



On The Go To Places.

With my writing I go to places

receive views from different places

I writingknow very little of  these places

happy to note my words go to these places

where they  find a place among places

the appreciation comes from all places

with likes and comments keeping  me in a place

provoking me to salute my viewers from my place

where I sit put for long and long in the same place

thinking though out-of-place

but tied up steadfast to my birthplace,


Travel I Do.

Being a pure vegetarian from birth
used up to home-made food for long
travelling did not bring much mirth,
Nothing much to eat all the way
and nothing like to eat in the cafe
I sit in a corner with an empty tray
during dining time very safe
with a fruit juice iced
seeing others enjoy the dinner
and eat all else not even fried
from egg to chicken not thinner
lambs to cows all grilled
pork to fish very much smellyfruit juice
all without any discount
make me feverish and disorient
so as days into traveling in the count
get tired and exhausted with disjoint
wishing to get back home at the best
as every time I decide in a hush
not to undertake excursions and take rest
but all times I break my vow in a crush
as the enthusiasm to see places
overwhelms and conquers in a rush
my otherwise low ebbing spirit in a chase.

Actions count Expenses Experience Poem spend

Count And Spend.

Count and spend say the wise.
Spend little save lot say the aged.
One has to live in comfort feel I.
One has to see places think I.
One has to eat well feel I.
One has to buy the necessities feel I.
One cannot count while buying feel I.
One cannot thrive by counting feel I.
One has to spend with ease feel I.
The more you count the more you save
by buying and spending nothing in the wave.
Differing from the wise say I
spend what you want and try
without fear at the least one buy.

count and spend

Actions authority command Lesson Life Looks

A Four Letter Word.

It is a four letter word.

Call it what you may.

It is  on the sign board.

It  denotes a place.

Many names are below it.

They also stand for places.

The four letter word stands first.

Look at it, nothing else.

The command reckons.

She being a scholar stays put.

She gazes at it from afar.

Nothing is visible.

The colours blue and white sparkles.

She sits  puzzled.

She sees no letters

She perceives  a writing vague.

She squints her eyes.

Tries to decipher.

She could not.

It is a four letter word.

Shouts  the voice.

She keeps silent

She has become an illiterate.

She expresses a wry smile.

She makes no noise.







Actions Story thoughts True

A Story Is Born.

Rummaging through the books,

Perusing the daily news,

Going through the events,

Compiling the instances,

Connecting the anecdotes,

 I Wove a story.


It is not everything real,

It is half true, half imaginary,

Imagination is colourful,

It spices and spruces the truth,

Adds flavour and suspense to reality,

Thus the fabrication goes.


Names are changed to protect privacy,

Episodes are added to get away from the track,

Period is altered to give a differential  timing,

Places are changed to strengthen the variation,

Thus the story is born.






break retreat thoughts

Away a Little While

It is a retreat  far away,

In  a tail end  bay,

Away  from  familiar faces,

Away from known places,

Away from stressful tedium,

Away from   garrulous medium,

Away only for  a little while .