The Lack Lustre.

Weird and worn out  in the shapeTimes-Square-Huddled-Masses2014-02-02-at-4.14.28-PMape

looks like a haggard  in form

the great city of New York

lacks the lustre it henceforth

the impetuosity is lost

the statehood never found

What would that be?

it is a but a sad tale to tell

like a woman aging  in course

makes up her face  in a choice

draws her eyes with care

creases the wrinkles all fair

pays attention to the eyebrows

dyes her hair  hiding the grey locks

conceals the blemish with  creams

goes on the make do’s for hours

yet the basics remain the same

while with a few hours shine

the artificial dies through

exhibiting the original

so much more this Famed city

has withered with years

as it bursts open  slowly

exposing  the innermost ugliness

depicted well on the interior

surfacing on  to the exterior

the wrinkles ironed out  smoothly

appear more prominent than before

same way as in aspects distinct

the land once glorious and exalted

now is pale and beaten to the core

not a picture of beauty any more

only a portrait of a  wretched existence

far away from progress and thrive

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Count And Spend.

Count and spend say the wise.
Spend little save lot say the aged.
One has to live in comfort feel I.
One has to see places think I.
One has to eat well feel I.
One has to buy the necessities feel I.
One cannot count while buying feel I.
One cannot thrive by counting feel I.
One has to spend with ease feel I.
The more you count the more you save
by buying and spending nothing in the wave.
Differing from the wise say I
spend what you want and try
without fear at the least one buy.

count and spend

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The Old Order Changeth

old orderGiving way to new things in a fest.
Giving chance to young at the best.
Giving place to new order in a test
So goes the world in a flow
as change brings in a result slow.

Leaving the old things behind.
Leaving the aged in the hind.
Leaving the old order away from the bind.
So goes the world in a flow
as old takes the back row.

Taking up enthusiasm as a cue.
Taking over by youth is true.
Taking in fresh air from the blue.
So goes the world in a flow
as novelty assumes a glow.

Brushing aside the experience as a yardstick.
Brushing aside the oldies as one with a walking stick.
Brushing aside the tested ideals like a prick.
So goes the world in a flow
as wisdom retreats with a bow.

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A Searching

It is a likelihood of terms.

It is a livelihood of means.

It is that which protract.


It is a pronouncement of authority.

It is a reference to  dignity.

It is that which reacts.


It is a scene of distraction.

It is a sequence of deviation.

It is that which distributes.


It is a cause for anxiety.

It is a wait for result.

It is that which attributes .


It is a general outlook.

It is a genial  approach.

It is that which occupies.


It is a classic example.

It is a wonderful picture.

It is that which presents.


It is a lovely grace.

It is a fine poise.

It is that which creates.


It is an apparition.

It is a distinction.

It is that which endears.


Well it is a synthesis.

Well  it is a symphony.

Well it is that which enlightens.


So goes on the thoughts.

So runs the descriptions.

So spreads the vision.


Light up a needy child.

Brighten up the handicapped.

Take care of the aged.


A motivation that has to be elicited.

A motto that has to be adopted.

A memorandum that has to  be understood.


It might sound like a teaching.

It might echo a preaching.

In reality it is a searching.