The Day

The day dawns
as the past day has gone
hope comes dawns


The Dumb Doll

I know a sincere woman
so kind and loving
devoted to her husband
doted on her children
was held not with pride by him
treated with a slightest care
thought her to be innocent
more like a dumb doll
paid no attention to her wish
while she to restorethe husband’s health
borrowed heavily in silence
repaid every pie doing handwork
did a mistake by not procuring
the promissory note from the borrower
who black mailed her at times
finally the husband came to know
reprimanded her without mercy
bade her to walk out in the night
as all good things happen late
the borrower changed his mind suddenly
gave back the note to her
the husband calmed down
the woman by now had become suave
she bid adieu and walked out straight
into the open big world
to find herself born again
the dumb doll became a clever lady.dumb doll


The Memory is Short.

The year going up to three hundred and sixty-five days
while the leap year having a day more
they roll on in no time as seen
great they seem to be when they begin
amidst shouts of Happy New Year
going demure when they wind up
with the heave and a sigh
saying with a displeasure
that another year has passed.

This being the charm of birth
and being the melancholy of death
when anything new and fresh dawns
there be a cheer and rejoice
both fading away from the arena
as quick as a wink in a shot
as the memory lasts not long
getting into the regular norms
that being the acceleration of the events.memory


The Innovative Kids

the kids are playing around

what a cacophony they make

shrills110823234__323253c of joy rant around

cries of pain resonate through

with a great willingness

they enter the field

with a greater exhaustion

they depart from the place.

looking at them ,I wonder

not on their enthusiasm

that be found in youngsters

not on the stamina they hold

that to be part of the youth

but on their creativity

how many ways they find out

how many way outs they discover

that too being so small

many of them just the age of six

I feel ashamed of me

having been living long

have not thought of anything new

going by the same procedure

set out by the elders

calling myself traditional and conservative.

Really ,I hold no equal to the little ones

out there causing a cacophony .


Green And Yellow

The grass is green
everyone knows
the hay is yellow
that all know
what is new ? in that
you would ask. with a shout
the fresh one being green
and the dried turning yellow
shows a real follow
that things when are new
look beautiful and gleaming
catching the eye all the more
when they be let like that
for months and years together
they transform into a substance of mellow
with a maturity all round
modest and charming as well
which is old has also a value
that being young commands a fair chance
there  goes the way of life in a circle
all great and good  on the round.
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The Philosophy Of Life.

All days seem special to me 

there being a ray of hope

there seeming a tinge of joy

there apparently an activity

that dawns with the day

and advances with it

assigning nothing special to every other day

be it birthdays ,anniversaries

assigning no speciality  at any cost

that be my approach all these years

I expect none to wish me for any day

as I feel I am born every day

and my sleep is a death every night

waking up as a new-born feach dayresh

dying like a worn out  exhausted

that be my philosophy all through

which none like and accept.



A Year New.

Year after year
there be a great tear
setting in for a gear
something in the rear
going without fear
closing the eyes in sheer
opening out when it is near
there happens to be no jeer
as everyone peers
the days dawns brightly  queer
shedding of its lag and wear
with revelry on the first day of the year
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which accumulates an expense dear
and a love exchange very dear.


The Old Gives Way

There is a change in attitude
Families steeped in tradition
taking on to conservatism
following the traditions
have now shed their inhibitions
as the new generationconcept01
wish to get away from the age-old customs
try to inculcate new codes
that of participation and equality in everything
not heeding to the elders
not accepting the seniors decision
where there ushers a straight say
and a straighter play and access
taking the rule in the hand
giving importance to individuality
creating a new trend and frontier
where everyone could raise the voice
and where all wish to be heard.
With the acceptance that change
brings in a new way of life
and lively interaction
the old gives way to the new

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The Old Order Changeth

old orderGiving way to new things in a fest.
Giving chance to young at the best.
Giving place to new order in a test
So goes the world in a flow
as change brings in a result slow.

Leaving the old things behind.
Leaving the aged in the hind.
Leaving the old order away from the bind.
So goes the world in a flow
as old takes the back row.

Taking up enthusiasm as a cue.
Taking over by youth is true.
Taking in fresh air from the blue.
So goes the world in a flow
as novelty assumes a glow.

Brushing aside the experience as a yardstick.
Brushing aside the oldies as one with a walking stick.
Brushing aside the tested ideals like a prick.
So goes the world in a flow
as wisdom retreats with a bow.