Life is But A Dream.

Ever drifting down the stream–
Lingering in the golden gleam–
Life, what is it but a dream?
Lewis Carroll.

do not dissuade Veda.
Hurts deep
leave no scar.

Veda: exudes confidence
accepts kindness with good grace,
cruelty with equanimity,
bears humiliation with fortitude,
emerges unscathed.

Her inimitable drive
to acquire knowledge
together with
her passion for writing
wins her honour.

She has a vision, a perception
that looks to the stars;
when her peers
fix eyes in the dust.

Ever hopeful, she
never loses heart;
laments not for the lost
cherishes what is at hand.

She accepts life
with a twinkle in her eyes
kayil ullathu aayiram kodi 
that which is in hand is worth
“Loyalty be thy name!” Veda,
A secret wish,  always
never do we part”.

A revised version.

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Dark As It Holds–5

Wwhen-tomorrow-comes-movie-titlehat ‘s next

keeps us going

a better tomorrow

we envisage

do we see?

Nope, we still  hold

to see  many tomorrows

this  hope sustains

the will pulls us  on

the man lives through.


The Day

The day dawns
as the past day has gone
hope comes dawns


Hope Destroyed.

Had a hope that everything would go well
so went about her way quite normal
thinking of her plans and execution precise
she was drafting her proposals concise
with a drawing up done meticulously
she progressed in her work with a hope
that it would  not allow her to slope
with that she want ahead in style
but suddenly there was a scene vile
that shattered her will  to a collapse
a status  which fell into a relapse
going by the directions so long
feeling high and great in a belong
now standing rudderless in a stage
where things have gone against her in a wage
she is now in a no man’s island
deliberating on issues  out of hand
She being upset and desperate
remained baffled and was irate
fell on her knees and destroyed_hope_by_rovek-d6npoieprayed to God
requesting him to relieve from fraud,

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The Star Of Hope.

Up over there is a tiny star
twinkling in the darkness drear.
It radiates lovely cheer.
It seems to call from afar
while the message is heard near
indicating an apprehension queer.
It looks as though it talks to someone dear
who listens in rapt attention with open ear.
The little star tells him not to fear.
Saying so the star get backs to the of hope

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Another Year Dawns

It is going to be another year,

The stroke of midnight is heard clear,

Away goes 2011 in the rear,

In comes in 2012 with cheer,

Pushing back the recession of last year,

Setting aside the bygone days fear,

The year that passes off was loaded with tears,

An outcome which threw all out of gear,

An economic show down   that ran out near,

Upheavals that dethroned dictators  clear,

Wars  shattered the world to a sneer,

Storms ,quakes , floods battered  severe,

Man stands aghast in  turmoil mere,

Another year dawns  in the sphere,

Making him to eye  an empowerment in the veer,

Let he be  blessed with all prosperity this year,

This is the hope for all every year,

Many cross links intrude making things drear,

Yet life goes on in eager anticipation unclear,

This is the story year after year.

What else  do you wish to hear?



Wishing all “A very happy new year”!





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2008 – A year Not To Be.

Human tendency is to rave about the past.

Recapturing the past deeds, getting excited about the meritorious experiences, revelling on the glory of yore , has been practically followed by each individual. All rules have exception , but this one has none.

The year 2008 , has spelt disaster and dismal occurrences, that we dare not think about it for once.

As we break rules and conventions , for convenience , this retrospective theory has to be moderated.

What  year it was?hmmm— till a few more days to go.!

What a sudden shrivelling melt down, economy in shatters, finances in tatters,wages  in displacement, jobs in devastation .

The bruise has to be assuaged gently, has to be tended with care ,and smothered with gentle rub .

Too much caressing will lead to negation. Too much pampering will spoil the sport. Too much attention will render an irrelevant direction.

The world  economy is at the vertex, a slight  jerk will create a furore too deep to be appeased, a vigorous push will  proceed a tumble, too serious to be retrieved.

A gentle pat , a cordial gesture, a mild approval and a kind compliment will restore economy .

I mean these words both literally and figuratively.

2008 has come to a pass.

The next year 2009, should bring in lot of cheer, sense of joy , pride of well being.

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Merry Christmas

The birth of Jesus is celebrated as Christmas, since the thirteenth century.

The incarnation of God and redeemer of human race, Jesus of Nazareth is the central figure of  Christianity.

He was born to retrieve the world from sin, perfidy and greed.

Jesus was  a heroic  mighty man capable of performing miracles and he had a penchant for the poor and women.

A similar birth is the need of the hour , to resurrect the world from suffering, pain , and treachery.

Let us wish for a divine apparition to save us from political uncertainty, economic turbulence and behavioural turmoil.

Let us hope for an  assured deliverance of  good, cheer , gaiety and prosperity in the year 2009.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.