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Hope Hold Me

The thoughts keep me in a cross
I have to, now and then, pause
they bind me and put me to a toss
hope holds me in its claws.

The languish and lethargy I undergo
is enough tp press me to a bow
I advance in measured time and slow
hope holds me in a flow.

The life I live is meaningless
has no significance and is senseless
I live so as to live in a less
hope share with me its bless.

If not for hope I would have gone long back
packed my bags and left it back
I sustain all these for a pack
that hope promises to extend to me on the trackThe_Only_Hope_by_Healzo

happen hope Poetry


None the less it has happened 

nevertheless, it is sharpened

more or less it is deepened

it is a struggle I think in the trend

expect  to see the light in the bend

could I see hope in the end?

could be or could not as it is God send.Godsend-Butterfly

hope Poetry slumber.

The Rise And Set

The day starts with joy immense 

with the dawn fresh and reviving

the hope continues  with a force

when the sun stands atop

over the head with a penetration

the feel, to overcome, is at the zenith

with the thrust to out beat  with a force

the thought, to overwhelm,  comes with a zest

but the wish is put to unpredictable  test

with the sun’s descent towards the west

the spirit to win and perform  fades slowly

as there comes an acceptance  meek and mild

the eyes close  and revel in deep slumber

with that the mind goes back to a penumbral joint

a daily happening with no foist or point.rise and set.

hope Poetry

Dark As It Holds–5

Wwhen-tomorrow-comes-movie-titlehat ‘s next

keeps us going

a better tomorrow

we envisage

do we see?

Nope, we still  hold

to see  many tomorrows

this  hope sustains

the will pulls us  on

the man lives through.